Friday, December 31, 2010

Phone Call and Transfers

It was great to talk with our missionary on Christmas Day. He sounded great and is loving serving the people in TN. He's learning and growing a lot. It's possible that was our last phone call. He may return home right before Mother's Day.

December 28, 2010

"Nothing new other than I got transferred to Tullahoma, TN. My new companion is Elder Waltman and he is from a small town just outside of Pocatello Idaho. I’m no longer District Leader, but I am senior companion.

The libraries were closed yesterday so we were unable to email. I actually just got in about 25 minutes ago, settling in to my new apartment/area. It’s another small town, but so far I like it.

Sounds like good things are going on here, looking forward to being able to be a part of something great and it feels good to be back in the McMinville zone.

It was good to talk with everyone! Hope all is still well.

Nope we didn’t get any snow from the snow storm, but I heard about it from other people. It's actually supposed to be pretty nice the next few days and I heard it was supposed to be in the 60s on Saturday.YAY!!! Just got snow on Christmas!! I think that was my first white Christmas..not sure though.


Thanks again for your love and support.

Love you all :D

-Elder Edgell"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Dec. 20. 2010

Hey ya'll!!!

First things first...Christmas day!!! I can't believe it’s already Christmas again. Seems like we just had one. So not sure exactly what time I will be calling but most likely around 2 our time, so that would be 3 your time... We will be at a members home Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and later on that day, when we will be calling. I am also excited about being able to talk to yall...will everyone be around so I can talk to them? Sure hope so. But so yeah 2:00 my time. So 3 your time. We only have 40 minutes to talk this year. The missionary department and President recommend it .But hey 40 minutes is better than nothing. :D.

Glad to hear that ya'lls Christmas program was good yesterday. Ours was too. I think one of the High Council men spoke. The ward choir here is actually really good. They had a really nice program. Sadly though none of our investigators were at church yesterday :(. Not sure exactly why, but we will find out this week hopefully. Samson one of our investigators came during priesthood, he woke up late, because he had to work late last night. And we pretty much had dropped him because we taught him everything already, and we told him that it is up to him now to figure things out and to keep praying. We told him he can still come to church, and still read, but we can't do much more for him. We can give him support but that’s about it. Olin Kiley is doing well too.

We went on splits with the Zone Leaders on Friday. It was pretty good. I went with Elder Swenson (he came out with me) and Elder Hamblin went with Elder Rosecranes, our other ZL.

Olin is doing good from what I have heard. He has been studying in the index of the Book of Mormon about baptism and repentance. He told Elder Hamblin and Elder Rosecranes he is not sure how to start repenting, or where to begin. So I was able to study for him this morning, and actually learned new things about repentance. I love being able to study in the morning and then try to apply them in my missionary work.

That is pretty much all we are working with right now, we dropped alot of our investigators this past week. We pretty much are starting from scratch. So there is going to be alot of tracting this coming week..woo who.

Other than that, I am just trying to figure out how I can get this area moving. And how I can get the members excited about missionary work enough to get alot of referrals, and alot of things going for us. :D.

But overall this past week was a good one. I got my package from the John's and also Sister Bastian. Haven't gotten yours yet...should most likely get it today or tomorrow, we will see though. Hopefully today :D. Oh, and also got one from Melissa as well. So I have gotten 3 packages so far. When I get stamps, I will be sure to send of thank yous to everyone.

Hope you do get to see the Christmas lights, that would be awesome. They actually canceled the Temple trip last week due to an ice storm that was supposed to come through. Not sure exactly when I will be going to the temple again, but hopefully soon.

This next week we have TWO PDAYS in a row!!!! Exciting! Friday and Saturday. So today is just a half a pday to get laundry done and emailing and shopping done.

Looking forward to talking with y’all Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!IIIIIIIIIIII Hope y’all have a great week, and stay safe traveling!!!!!



-Elder Edgell :D

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :b

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow,Obedience and Candy Canes

December 13,2010

Hey everyone!

It’s been really cold the past few days. Yesterday it didn’t even get out of the 20s.....It snowed all day and night Sunday. Got at least 3 inches of snow. Library was closed yesterday so we were unable to email.

We had Zone Conference today...actually just got out of ZC.

It was fun walking around last reached about 15 degrees, with a windchill of about 8. We saw multiple temps all on different thermometers, all I know is it was cold. I realized after last night that I don’t have any winter stuff...I have a sweater, and a light jacket, and gloves, but that’s about it. I was actually fairly warm; I wear my PJ pants underneath my slacks, to keep my legs warm. It was fun to see it snow again. Church was let out an hour early. Samson and Olin came to church on Sunday. They are doing well. We haven’t met with Olin for about a week now, but he is doing well from what he said on Sunday, it's always good to see people come to church, makes me happy.

Last week was a good week. Monday night especially. We went to see a former investigator. His name is Rick Wills. He is way awesome, and way humble. The reason why he stopped meeting with the other missionaries who began to teach him was because he was finalizing a divorce, and it didn’t go the way he wanted it to, well the way with the custody for his 3 year old son. Anyways to make a long story short we set a baptismal date with him!!!!!! YAY! It was supposed to be for Christmas day, but he didn’t come to church on Sunday, so it is going to be post ponned for the 26th. And we haven’t gotten in contact with him since last Friday. So please keep him in your prayers that he will be able to make his baptismal date for that weekend. :D. Cuz I learned a very powerful lesson on how prayers are truly answered. And I will leave it at that, the story is too long to share on here, so I will just wait till Christmas probably and tell yall.

This past week we found 10 new people to teach!!!! So excited for what’s happening in the area, and what’s happening in the mission. So we came out with a new rule of only Mormon Tabernacle choir and Conference talks, so nothing else except that. So I am going to pack away all my CDs so I can follow our new rule. We can’t even listen to Christmas music, but it will help keep us more focused on the work.

The "Traveling Zone Leaders" were with us Saturday and Sunday. It’s Elder Davis and Elder Culvur. Elder Davis came out with me, so it was good to see him again. But it was a really good two days. Learned a lot, and found 7 new investigators in one day! Excited to see what this week will bring.

I have the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple tomorrow, and I am so excited. I get to do all the ordinances. Baptisms, sealings, endowments, etc, etc...I got my temple recommend renewed after Zone Conference. Which by the way was a way good ZC today.

We talked about and focused on the Life of Christ mostly, because of the Christmas season. I learned a lot more about Christ that I thought I already knew, but I was able to re-learn it again, which is always good to renew memory. But it was awesome to learn more about the life and ministry of Christ, Also learned something about the candy cane that Sister Hutchings shared. And this is something like how it goes. Take a candy cane and flip it upside down, what letter does it make? It makes a J. What does J stand for? Why of course Jesus. What else does the candy cane look like? Well it looks like a staff that a shepherd uses. Jesus is the that’s why we have the candy cane. I thought it was a cool story, of course there is a lot more detail to it than that, but that’s the gist of the story. But all in all Zone Conference was good, and looking forward to Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, not sure what time I will be calling yet. We are going over to a member’s house in the evening, so my guess is around 6 or 7....I will most likely call a little bit earlier though, since it is the weekend and we get free weekend minutes...but this year we only have 40 minutes. Our mission is trying to follow the "White Bible" more fully and to the exactness. So not sure when I will be calling. I think Elder Hamblin will call in the afternoon sometime. I will talk to the Drapers to see what time. But remember that yall are an hour ahead.

Well, other than being cold I’m doing good....oh one more thing....I NEED NEW SHOES ASAP!!!!!!!!! They are falling apart, and they are old and stink! And I’m out of stamps. But other than that things are going well.

Working hard, trying to be as obedient as I can. I will let you know what time I’ll call you next week...

LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010


DECEMBER 6, 2010

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had a good week, like I did. I was in Franklin/Madison all week. We had leadership meetings. Every district leader/Zone Leader/assistant in the mission was there, it was actually really fun. I learned a TON! They were definitely long days, but they were very spiritual indeed. I received alot of revelation on how I can do better as a DL, and how I can be a better missionary. I enjoyed it ALOT!

Each night we had to accomplish 3 commitments that President would come up with along with us that we all agreed on.

So here is how the meetings ran, we got there around 8:45am and got out around 4:00. I stayed with our Zone Leaders and with another District leader. After our meetings we would go out and apply what we learned. On the first night we had to talk about baptism in every lesson, ask inspired questions, and point out if they felt the Holy Ghost. The first night we got 2 out of the 3, we were unable to point out the Holy Ghost, because whenever the investigator felt it, he would crack a joke, so I think he was uncomfortable with it. But over all we had a good first night.

The rest of the nights were to have a kneeling prayer, continue talking about baptism, and somehow teach the Law of Chastity....that was a fun one.

We actually got to kind of teach it on Saturday night. It randomly came up in our lesson with Olin Kiley because he had previously had a female roommate, and she moved out, but she wants to come back because she is homeless. He didn't want her back in so he was unsure and asked, and we, mostly me taught him about it. But you have to remember E. Hamblin is still a greenie :D.

Olin was able to come to church yesterday, and I think he liked it. Samson still continues to come, has a problem with modern day prophets, and he wants archaeological evidents of the BofM to prove its true. So we are still overcoming those obstacles with him. Our Bishop actually helped us teach him last night after the Christmas Devotional, which was really good bytheway. It was a LONG lesson...we didn't get out of the church till 10:30!! He just has a ton of questions...we tried leaving multiple times, but he just keep talking, and bishop keep talking as well. But we are getting close. He called us just a little bit ago, and told me that he had read Alma 32 again, and also continued reading from the beginning. He didn't really understand 1 Nephi 3. So we are going to have to read it with him and explain it...but he understands Alma alot better than that. He told us he also prayed about, it but didn't really get to talk much. But things are going well there.

The family that we had a lesson with last Monday went really well. She sadly did not come to church though. :(. Not sure why. But we are going to call them later today and find out why. Our next appointment with them is Dec. 14th. Their names are the Lees, and they were a HQ referral.

Things are going well, lessons were low due to me being in Madison all week. Taught 10, and had 4 new investigators.

Looking forward to this week. I love Christmas time as a missionary because we can focus alot on our Savior and help people come closer to Him.

How cool would it be to be baptized on Christmas day? My goal this month is to try and baptize someone on that day. I'm hoping it is Samson. Maybe even Olin. But we will have to wait and see what the Lord wants. Not what we want.

This past week was Freeezing! It's supposed to be in the upper 30s/40s from what we have heard. Today I think is supposed to be 40 and a low of 17....brrr. Cold, but I'd rather be cold than warm. It's nice to have it finally cold, instead of Blazing hot.

I did get your package. Thanks!!!! I'm going to try and get you a picture today. But like I said before, I can't do it at the Library, so I am going to do it at a members home later on. So you should get it later on today :D.

Glad you all will be able to make it down there for Christmas, I am sure that Oma Viv will enjoy that very much. Give her a hug for me when you see her...I need to write her today.

Well I think that's it. Other than knocking on doors in really cold weather, and getting doors slammed in our faces, I am livin the life here in Tennessee :D. Hope everyone has a great week this week!!!!!!!!! Happy First week of December and Happy St. Nickolaus Day!!!! and Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Anna, tomorrow..right? I don't know how I remembered that one :D

And happy Pearl Harbor day tomorrow as well.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Edgell :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving and Obedience

Hey Everyone! and Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
Hope everyone had a great week last week, and hope everyone didn't eat to much food.
We had a pretty good Thanksgiving. We ate at the Crows. A family in the ward that invited us. It was way good! I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
I didn't get a chance to play football :(, President didn't want to take any risks in me re-injuring my knee). Which was fine, I listened, and as hard as it was to sit on the sidelines I did, but I took pictures, so I still enjoyed myself. We went down to Lawrenceburg with the ward down there because our ward did not have one since it is full of old people. But I enjoyed being able to at least watch it.

With it being thanksgiving last week, numbers were low, but we still had a really good week. We had a "specialized training" on Saturday morning with the Zone, in Franklin. It was really good. We talked alot about working with the less actives in our prospective wards. Which Elder Hamblin and I found one when we were out tracting on Friday, which we did not know lived there. We have an appointment with them this coming Friday, so I am excited to start working with them. We also learned that missionary work is taking a different route.
President went to a mission presidents seminar last weekend, and told us what he learned. He said that in the near future that most of the missionaries in the US, instead of tracting would be talking in chat rooms with people about the church, the Missionary department did a 2 year study, and about 58% of adults in the US know little to nothing about the church, so our approach to missionary work is changing. It probably won't be in my time as a missionary, but probably when Andrew goes on mission will be when this is in place. President wants our mission to be the "trial" mission, to see how it works. So the church is going to the internet very aggressively, as he said, so I'm excited to see where things go.

But things went good last week, learned alot. We have two of our investigators that we are working with alot. Olin Kiley, and Samson Su. They are both progressing. Olin is a referral from our Ward Mission leader. He is way cool. We had a member at our lesson last night with him. He had a lot of questions, and he wanted everyone to answer, so the fair way to do this was he took a deck of cards and whoever drew the highest card got to answer the question. Definitely a new experience, but all his questions were very very good, and his own questions. And for the most part we answered the questions pretty well. So I think we will get somewhere with him. I am excited for him.

Samson is doing pretty good. We haven't seen him since last week though, he's been busy with work. We got to see him last Wednesday so hopefully this week we will be able to see him sometime this week.

I am going to be in Madison Tuesday-Friday. They are having a mission wide Leadership Training meeting that is 4 days long. Going to be interesting to see what we learn, and excited. Also excited to be able to see a bunch of people that I know.

Things are going well. This week should be a good week and looking forward to it.

And yeah, I can send an updated picture of me. It may have to be a regular picture because I can't send pictures via email, well I might be able to. But I'll see what I can do.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love you each

-Elder Edgell