Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving and Obedience

Hey Everyone! and Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
Hope everyone had a great week last week, and hope everyone didn't eat to much food.
We had a pretty good Thanksgiving. We ate at the Crows. A family in the ward that invited us. It was way good! I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
I didn't get a chance to play football :(, President didn't want to take any risks in me re-injuring my knee). Which was fine, I listened, and as hard as it was to sit on the sidelines I did, but I took pictures, so I still enjoyed myself. We went down to Lawrenceburg with the ward down there because our ward did not have one since it is full of old people. But I enjoyed being able to at least watch it.

With it being thanksgiving last week, numbers were low, but we still had a really good week. We had a "specialized training" on Saturday morning with the Zone, in Franklin. It was really good. We talked alot about working with the less actives in our prospective wards. Which Elder Hamblin and I found one when we were out tracting on Friday, which we did not know lived there. We have an appointment with them this coming Friday, so I am excited to start working with them. We also learned that missionary work is taking a different route.
President went to a mission presidents seminar last weekend, and told us what he learned. He said that in the near future that most of the missionaries in the US, instead of tracting would be talking in chat rooms with people about the church, the Missionary department did a 2 year study, and about 58% of adults in the US know little to nothing about the church, so our approach to missionary work is changing. It probably won't be in my time as a missionary, but probably when Andrew goes on mission will be when this is in place. President wants our mission to be the "trial" mission, to see how it works. So the church is going to the internet very aggressively, as he said, so I'm excited to see where things go.

But things went good last week, learned alot. We have two of our investigators that we are working with alot. Olin Kiley, and Samson Su. They are both progressing. Olin is a referral from our Ward Mission leader. He is way cool. We had a member at our lesson last night with him. He had a lot of questions, and he wanted everyone to answer, so the fair way to do this was he took a deck of cards and whoever drew the highest card got to answer the question. Definitely a new experience, but all his questions were very very good, and his own questions. And for the most part we answered the questions pretty well. So I think we will get somewhere with him. I am excited for him.

Samson is doing pretty good. We haven't seen him since last week though, he's been busy with work. We got to see him last Wednesday so hopefully this week we will be able to see him sometime this week.

I am going to be in Madison Tuesday-Friday. They are having a mission wide Leadership Training meeting that is 4 days long. Going to be interesting to see what we learn, and excited. Also excited to be able to see a bunch of people that I know.

Things are going well. This week should be a good week and looking forward to it.

And yeah, I can send an updated picture of me. It may have to be a regular picture because I can't send pictures via email, well I might be able to. But I'll see what I can do.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Love you each

-Elder Edgell

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