Monday, April 20, 2009

Blessings Abound

April 20, 2009

Catching up the past two weeks -

Elder Edgell had his MRI a week ago(13th) and the results are in: A partially torn meniscus and arthritis. How old is he? :-) He will be doing a home exercise program (PT) for next 4 weeks and then see doctor again. That was good news. No surgery.

Tim and his companion have been very busy with their missionary work. Even more so now that they cover two areas, Hermitage and Mt. Juliet.

Still waiting for Jeff to get back from Alabama. He's been down there getting treatment from his doctor for his Leukemia and HIV. They are hoping he will get well enough to be baptized soon.

The week of 6 April they had 9 new investigators! Some approached them and wanted to learn more about the church. That is always a great thing for missionaries. There was one man who was stopped at a light and yelled out to the missionaries for a Book of Mormon card.

Baptisms are set for April 21st and 25th! These are folks Tim and his companion have been teaching for awhile now.

This past week they spent tracting (knocking on doors) which proved to be successful. They were able to meet with a lady who was very receptive.
They also spent time teaching the discussions with their investigators.

This coming Saturday, the 25th of April, is Service Day in Nashville. Elder Edgell and Elder Ragle may go down to Murfeesburow to help with the clean up. This is city that had an F3 tornado go through on Friday before Easter. Tim said all the missionaries in the area have been safe throughout all the storms.

Elder Edgell's words:

"The missionary work here is moving forward. We are super busy. Sundays are long; we are at church 7am - 5pm. It is fun.
Thank you for all your prayers, they are surely needed. I am doing good, working hard, and having fun.
Have faith, be obedient and serve the Lord with all your might, mind and strength :-) "

I echo Tim's gratefulness for your prayers. THANK YOU!!!

Tim would love to hear from you so here's his address again:

Elder Timothy D. Edgell
Tennesse Nashville Mission
105 West Park Drive Suite 190
Brentwood, TN 37027

Here is Elder Edgell with the second biggest Gator fan.

Until next week...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Visit to Nashville

On April 1st, Tim spent the afternoon with his companion visiting Nashville. In his words, " Nashville is such an awesome place to visit. We had beautiful weather - skies were blue. It was perfect. We went to a lot of cool places: The State Capitol building, the Country Music Hall of Fame (it's the building that looks like a piano) and the Sommet Center, where the Predators play (hockey team)."

As you can see from the picture - they have been having quite a few tornado warnings. So far they have all been safe in his area. Although just yesterday, one touched down several times in Murfeesboro which is just southeast of Nashville. Sadly, there were deaths. We will learn more of how his area faired the most recent storms that passed through TN in the next update from him.

Tim said they were to have two baptisms this weekend! If you remember Jeff from one of Tim's past blogs - he has Leukemia and HIV and his daughter had Leukemia (she passed away recently) - Tim will be baptizing him.
They have been very busy teaching a lot of people and have some good success. They have another baptism set for the 18th.

Elder Edgell and Elder Ragle will be very busy the next 6 week. They have another area to cover because the Sister missionaries have been transferred out.

Update on Tim's knee - may need a MRI to determine if it's tendonitus or torn cartilage. Thanks for all your prayers. Please continue to pray for a full and quick recovery.

Have a wonderful Easter. Click on the link to the right for a wonderful Easter message.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tornadoes and Blessings

My week has been good, my knee doesn't hurt as bad as it did last week, the pain isn't as intense as it has been. (Blessings from prayers and fasting)
Sis Hutchings is going to make me an appt some time this week.
Sorry I didn't write on Monday, our PDAY was changed from then till today, because our President wanted us to focus on 100 baptisms for the month of March, which we were short about 10. (90 is good)
Oh, and if yall watched the news, there was some pretty wicked weather that passed through here on Saturday, tornado warnings and tornados. We are fine and safe. It was cool. We heard the warning sirens go off...kinda scary too, first time I've heard them. We were in eating dinner with a member, but I could hear a little bit of them. (Tim LOVES a good storm)

To answer your questions:

#1. We do have a washer and dryer in our apartment. ( life is easy)
#2. No. We are not riding bikes, my companion's is broken, and he doesn't like riding bikes. (lucky to have a car - when knee is heeled get out there on those bikes)
#3. It is just me and my companion in our apartment
#4. Haven't been to the Temple yet, but should be going in May. Cant wait!!
#5. Schedule on P-Days, well it starts out like every day, but at 10 we can do whatever we need to do, wash car, clean apartment, laundry, write letters.

Today we are going to Nashville!!! I'm so excited, and the Lord has blessed us with beautiful weather. (Maybe he'll get to share the gospel and BoM with Tim and Faith)

We had one baptism this weekend, it was an 8 yr old baptism. I will try and write about it next week, gotta go. (Keep pressing forward and have faith - the others will follow soon)