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DECEMBER 6, 2010

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had a good week, like I did. I was in Franklin/Madison all week. We had leadership meetings. Every district leader/Zone Leader/assistant in the mission was there, it was actually really fun. I learned a TON! They were definitely long days, but they were very spiritual indeed. I received alot of revelation on how I can do better as a DL, and how I can be a better missionary. I enjoyed it ALOT!

Each night we had to accomplish 3 commitments that President would come up with along with us that we all agreed on.

So here is how the meetings ran, we got there around 8:45am and got out around 4:00. I stayed with our Zone Leaders and with another District leader. After our meetings we would go out and apply what we learned. On the first night we had to talk about baptism in every lesson, ask inspired questions, and point out if they felt the Holy Ghost. The first night we got 2 out of the 3, we were unable to point out the Holy Ghost, because whenever the investigator felt it, he would crack a joke, so I think he was uncomfortable with it. But over all we had a good first night.

The rest of the nights were to have a kneeling prayer, continue talking about baptism, and somehow teach the Law of Chastity....that was a fun one.

We actually got to kind of teach it on Saturday night. It randomly came up in our lesson with Olin Kiley because he had previously had a female roommate, and she moved out, but she wants to come back because she is homeless. He didn't want her back in so he was unsure and asked, and we, mostly me taught him about it. But you have to remember E. Hamblin is still a greenie :D.

Olin was able to come to church yesterday, and I think he liked it. Samson still continues to come, has a problem with modern day prophets, and he wants archaeological evidents of the BofM to prove its true. So we are still overcoming those obstacles with him. Our Bishop actually helped us teach him last night after the Christmas Devotional, which was really good bytheway. It was a LONG lesson...we didn't get out of the church till 10:30!! He just has a ton of questions...we tried leaving multiple times, but he just keep talking, and bishop keep talking as well. But we are getting close. He called us just a little bit ago, and told me that he had read Alma 32 again, and also continued reading from the beginning. He didn't really understand 1 Nephi 3. So we are going to have to read it with him and explain it...but he understands Alma alot better than that. He told us he also prayed about, it but didn't really get to talk much. But things are going well there.

The family that we had a lesson with last Monday went really well. She sadly did not come to church though. :(. Not sure why. But we are going to call them later today and find out why. Our next appointment with them is Dec. 14th. Their names are the Lees, and they were a HQ referral.

Things are going well, lessons were low due to me being in Madison all week. Taught 10, and had 4 new investigators.

Looking forward to this week. I love Christmas time as a missionary because we can focus alot on our Savior and help people come closer to Him.

How cool would it be to be baptized on Christmas day? My goal this month is to try and baptize someone on that day. I'm hoping it is Samson. Maybe even Olin. But we will have to wait and see what the Lord wants. Not what we want.

This past week was Freeezing! It's supposed to be in the upper 30s/40s from what we have heard. Today I think is supposed to be 40 and a low of 17....brrr. Cold, but I'd rather be cold than warm. It's nice to have it finally cold, instead of Blazing hot.

I did get your package. Thanks!!!! I'm going to try and get you a picture today. But like I said before, I can't do it at the Library, so I am going to do it at a members home later on. So you should get it later on today :D.

Glad you all will be able to make it down there for Christmas, I am sure that Oma Viv will enjoy that very much. Give her a hug for me when you see her...I need to write her today.

Well I think that's it. Other than knocking on doors in really cold weather, and getting doors slammed in our faces, I am livin the life here in Tennessee :D. Hope everyone has a great week this week!!!!!!!!! Happy First week of December and Happy St. Nickolaus Day!!!! and Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Anna, tomorrow..right? I don't know how I remembered that one :D

And happy Pearl Harbor day tomorrow as well.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Edgell :D

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