Monday, June 28, 2010

Apartment Hunting, Lots of Teaching and a Haircut Lesson Learned

"Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well! I sure am.

This week was a good week. We got to go to the temple, which was awesome as always. Had interviews with president, which was good.
It is going to be a normal week finally, not too many meetings. Just District meeting as usual.

We taught alot this past week, 33 lessons total. We are finally seeing our work progress.
We have also been apartment hunting this past week. We found out on Saturday that our lease was up in April! Talk about a little bit of mis-communication. So we have not only been busy trying to find a new apartment but also teaching people as well.

We have been very busy, the good thing about apartment hunting is we get known in the community pretty well. We have one last apartment to look at next Monday. It seems like a pretty nice place.We should hopefully hear from our apartment/finance person from the mission office today for the go ahead to move, we like it here, but don't like it here in West Nashville. It has been worked ALOT so we are trying to get into Bellevue, so we can see more people. So that's what we have been up to this past week.

We did get to see Taylor, she is doing very well. Still planning on getting baptized/married on the 23rd of July, but she's only been to church once so hopefully she will be there this coming week..keep her in your prayers.

Church was really good yesterday. President Hutchings spoke in our ward, and taught a combined priesthood/relief society meeting. Of course about missionary work.

I was able to see Sister Knighton and Kimberly this week. I walked in and saw her, didn't recognize her at first but saw her and went and talked a little bit. Said that you say hi, and I told her to tell you I say hi. It was good to see them again.

It was probably the best sacrament/overall church meetings that I have been to in a long while, it was very spiritually uplifting.

Lessons Learned: DO NOT cut your own hair on your mission with just a razor.Okay ,so this morning I tried to cut my hair because it was getting a little too long, so I grabbed a razor. Couldn't figure out how to put the numbers on so I said to myself, this shouldn't be too hard, I'll jusy go lightly over it so it's not too short, but of course the first cut was a little too much, so long story short, I had to pretty much go
buzzcut :(  ..but luckily I don't see president till next week at interviews, so it should be a little
bit longer. I learned that you definitely should have your companion cut your hair for you, because it will turn out bad, if you just use a razor. Probably the worst haircut ever since the girl at the MTC cut my hair before I came out. Anyways I am doing well.

Well I think that's it for this week. We are doing good, would like some mail though. Haven't gotten any in a long time. I did get a letter from Mike though on Saturday(that was nice) but would like some every now and then. Other than that doing well.

Love ya'll

-Elder Edgell"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

"This I do know, that the Lord does look after His missionaries"

Latest email messaage from Elder Edgell (June 21, 2010)


First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

Well, it was a pretty crazy weekend for Elder Dean and I. This past week wasn't as hectic, kind of slow, but once the weekend hit it was pretty crazy.

Our baptism date for July(Taylor) is doing well. We got to teach her yesterday after church. It was a very good lesson, we taught her the Plan of Salvation, she understood everything. We also set a wedding date with her and her member boyfriend...the boyfriend is less active, and they are living together. But she knew that if she wanted to be baptized she had to get married first, so looks like we are having a wedding before the baptism on the 23rd of July. And then she wants to get sealed in the temple, which will be next July or July will be her year mark as a member, so I will be looking forward to coming back out next July to see them sealed as a family. Anyways, we taught about 30 lessons this week, not as many as the week before, but the work here is moving forward, and progressing.

It is still super humid and hot. It has been in the 100's or close to the 100's all week. Yesterday I think the hottest we saw was 99*. Saturday both my companion and I had heat exhaustion. We didn't get enough water in our systems before we left. But we definitley learned our lesson.

Story time! This happened to us yesterday evening:

So there we were, West the hood. We went to TRY and see a less active member, named Korina. When we knocked on the door her husband answered the door, and all he said was, look at the sign (there was a NO SOLICITING sign) and then shut the door, but we were determined to find out if Korina lived here or not so we could update our ward list....he shut the door with all that he was saying. Elder Dean was determined to find out, so he yelled through the door and said "Does Korina live here?"(By the way we did this in a very very nice way) he didn't say it loud enough so I continued to say...Does Korina live here?! He then opened the door and said.. ya, boys yall are on private property, as he pulled a nice shiney gun out of his pocket, cocked it and said do I have to use this...we then said no sir, and booked it out of there.....First time a gun has ever been pulled on me and hope it never happens was a frightnening moment, but we are safe thankfully.

Another story...on the lighter side of things, we got to go to a Free Will Baptist church last night as well. It was a good sermon. It was based on Acts, chapter 2, where Peter testifies about Christ's resurrection. It was pretty good. Afterwords as we were walking out, there was a guy standing at the door, and said thanks for coming out, and then got us outside where he then hardcore threw anti at us.O f course as much as I wanted to say something I knew it would turn into a bash, but I just sat there and listened to him, and then tried to tell him the things that he was saying were wrong and we don't believe anything which he was saying...some of the things were that we weren't christian, cult etc., etc. but anyways we are now teaching the pastor that gave the sermon last night, and he seems really interested.
So we have had a very interesting week/weekend. But this I do know that the Lord does look after his missionaries, and protects them.

Hope everyone is doing well, and staying cool, I am glad we have the car this week so that we don't have to suffer another HOT week, because its supposed to be even hotter this week. I did get your package and thank you mom :) :).

Other then being hot and having guns pulled on us, we are doing good here. working hard and teaching lots :). This week looks like it's going to be another good/hectic week. Interviews/District meeting tommorow, temple Wednesday, which I'm excited about.

I think that's it for this week....hope ya'll have a good week, and stay cool.

Love you!

-Elder Edgell"

Sunday, June 20, 2010


June 14, 2010



I can't believe that we had so much succsess this past week. The area is blossoming into a beautiful flower. We had a GREAT week, and a BUSY week.

Where to start!? hmm lets see. Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Lebanon. It was really good. Learned alot. They taught about talking to everyone we see...which we should do since we are the Lord's servants but the natural man gets to us sometimes.

After the conference I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders till Friday. It was a pretty decent exchange, we found a few investigators. On Friday when I got back to Bellevue (West Nashville) I found out that we had a booked night. Which I left the area to no one in our teaching pool to a boat load of people..We found a total of 19 new people to teach this past week. Taught a total of 44 lessons, and were able to SET A BAPTISM DATE! We set a date on Saturday was awesome, the lady's name is Taylor. She was so excited about what we were teaching her. Her boyfriend is a member so we taught her in his parent's home. She was so excited that during the lesson she asked us when she could join the church..the date is set for July 23rd. So please pray for her.

We also found a family of 10 on Thursday. An African family. They are from Burundi. I have not taught them yet, but am really excited, because we have an appointment to teach them tommorow night. Only 3 of them speak pretty good english. The rest speak Swhailli.

We only had one person at church yesterday, but its better than we have been having :).

Saturday, we had the dual mission conference with Elder Ballard! It was way good.

Elder Ballard was actually President Hutchings mission president when he was a missionary. He talked alot about that we should talk to at least 10 people a day between the two of us. Also very nicely rebuked us...he asked us how many of us had personel study, companionship study etc..every day including Sundays, and P-days...NO ONE raised their hand, and then went forth to talk about Preach My Gospel, and told us how they brought it about, and how long it took them was way cool.

He wished he could of shook all of our hands, but being that the Knoxville mission and our mission was together he just shook our hands in the air. :) He is actually a really funny guy.

He alowed us to take off our suits, because it was so hot..100 degress plus humidity. When he got in he was like...I feel like I'm in the Phillipines right now. :).

But all in all it was a good, good ,great conference.

We also got to take a mission picture...which I think is the first time ever that we got a mission picture, because that's the first time our mission has gotten together. It was good to get to talk to past companions...I found out that Murfreesboro is still doing really good. Which I was excited to hear. So that's kinda been the hecticness of our week."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still Hot in Tennessee

June 7, 2010


Summer is in the air…still!

We had a really good week last week. We were finally able to get a hold of Glenn and Andrea, which they seemed to of vanished till Friday evening, when we saw Andrea. She has been really sick, and they got into a car accident and Glenn has been in the hospital for most of the week(getting blood transfusions) with his sickle cell that he has.

We have been blessed to be able to teach a lot of lessons again last week. We have been doing a lot of member work, and gaining their trust with us, and everyone really likes us, which we are glad about. And since we still do not have a big teaching pool , that’s what we are focusing on mostly, member work, and this week we are going to be finding ALOT of the time.

Our mission had a two week goal of 1,000 new investigators by Saturday. The reason being is because Elder Ballard of the 12 will be holding a dual mission conference with us on Saturday. I am so excited.

We also went to another 8 year old baptism on Saturday, which was AWESOME. I was surprised they didn't have us teach again…which I don't mind getting up in front of people and speaking anymore...well I kind of do, but not too much, I’ve done it multiple time already at baptisms.

When I say dual I mean the Knoxville mission and our mission will be together during the conference. I am really excited, probably more excited about that than the World Cup.:-)

We are going on splits Friday night with members and they wanted to go tracting with us, so we will be doing that the last hour 8-9. So wish us luck. We haven't had much success with finding new investigators in the past couple of weeks. We have found a whopping total of ZERO :(. But I know that will change this week when we diligently search for God's children who are looking for truth. So just say an extra prayer or two for us that we will be able to find a lot of people this week.

This week should be a really good week. We have Zone Conference again this Wednesday in Lebanon. The Ballard Conference on Saturday, and another regional stake conf. on Sunday. And a DLC today (District Leader Council) in Smyrna with president and the Zone Leaders. We will be going on exchanges with the Zone Leaders Wed-Friday, so I will be in Old Hickory then, with Elder Richins. So this week should be really good.

I think that's it for this week. Hope everyone is doing well...Oh, one more thing please say an extra, extra prayer that I will find my wallet...yes I lost it again...I hopefully will find it. I think it fell out in Bishop's office yesterday at church, that’s the only place I haven't looked yet, and I have literally looked every where, so hopefully I will get it tomorrow night when he looks for it, and before the 23rd because that’s temple day and I need it before then.

Hot, Hot and Humid

June 1, 2010

Hello from Hot Hot Humid Nasvhille TN.

Hey Everyone! Our past week was a good one. Transfer calls came and went, and both Elder Dean and I are staying another transfer together.

Summer is definitely here in Nashville. It's been really Hot and HUMID the past few days. I think this summer is going to be VERY WARM! It seems like there's never a "dry moment" when we go outside. But I am thankful that we have a car every other week. I am learning, slowly but surely to carry around water with me ALL the time, or some form of liquid, to keep me hydrated. I am excited that I get to stay here another transfer, I really like it here. The ward is awesome! And they really like the both of us and they actually want us to stay, so that's a good thing.

This past week was a really good week. We are consistently now teaching 25 lessons a week, last week was our second week in a row that we had that, so we are both really excited about the work moving up. Still not very many people to teach, but I am thankful that we have 3 pretty solid investigators. Even though it's really hot we still walk around and get things done.

Not too many interesting things happened last week. Oh except all the crazy bus ride adventures that we had, phew...let's just say there is ALOT of crazy people here in Nasvhille. :)

Glenn and Andrea are still doing fairly well. Glenn seems like he is getting sick all the time, so he's never able to make it to church, but Andrea was supposed to come on Sunday, she said she would, but for some reason could not make it. We stopped by their house on Sunday after church and no one was home. So hopefully we will be able to stop by today to see them, and set up an appointment with them. Other than that everything is going well.

I think that's all I need for now. Hope everyone is doing well and had a good memorial day...oh my box did come, and THANK YOU! I love my new scriptures...I started the NT last week when I got them, and am in Matthew 8. BofM reading...Alma 8. So, my goals for my last year on my mission is to read the NT, read the BofM twice, and read PMG 3 times. So wish me luck. I have 11 1/2 months to do all of that :). Hope ya'll have a good week, and stay cool :)

-Elder Edgell

Stake Conference and Old Aquaintance

May 24, 2010

It's me again. We had a really good week last week! And a great weekend.

This weekend was Stake Conference, and Elder Kenneth Johnson of the Seventy came and spoke. It was really good. I got the chance to meet and talk with him before hand. It was cool to meet him. He is a really nice guy. He scared Elder Dean and I because he told us that he might have us speak for a little bit during conference, but in the end we didn't have to...thank goodness. Oh, and guess who sat right behind us - Kimberly Knighton. I turned around to see if we had any of our investigators there, at first I didn't recognize that it was her, but saw her, and she waved...we didn't get to talk till after conference, but she is doing good. It's been a good 4 or 5 years since I last saw her. It was a good talk, and it was good to see a familiar face, as I’m sure it was good for her.

I’m glad you liked the picture...we had a BBQ at a members home, to celebrate their son, Austin’s graduation.

It's weird to see everyone here graduating...because that means it’s been 2 about a fast two years.

What!? Mike is home, bummer. Tell him I say hi next time you see him, and tell him to get back in the mission field where he belongs :). Hopefully he will get better soon...I know how it feels. Man, it’s been over a year since I was home with my knee problems. Crazy how fast time goes by.

So last week was a really good week. We taught 25 lessons, which is a first for this area in a long time, the other Elders in my district taught 40! Last week we had a week of faith in our mission, and it showed. We had so many miracles....even in the pouring down rain. :)

On Thursday like every Thursday, it was a day of finding. Our Zone Leaders challenged another Zone to a competition to see how many people we could talk with about the church...our Zone had 308 and they had 108...we killed was fun to see how many people we could try and talk to. We contacted over 60 people, and only got 1 new investigator out of it, but it was really good, we had 9 total lessons that day, which is really, really good for one day.

We had interviews on Friday which were good. Got a lot done. I think Elder Dean and I are staying another transfer together, which I don't mind because we get along great. I wouldn't mind getting another apartment though, but at least we have somewhere to stay. The work here is slowly but surely moving up.