Saturday, January 22, 2011

Training, Teaching and Thankfulness

January 20, 2011

"Hey everyone!
Today's email should be longer than the last one...Lot to talk about and longer time. :D
Well this week has been good so far. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had a specialized training in Murfreesboro. So that's why Pday is today instead of on Monday. We are here in Nashville! Elder Waltman (my comp)had a Dr. Appointment, so we thought we would spend the day in Nashville since we were already here.
It’s a very cold day. People say we are expecting a snow
storm...not sure how big or small, but it’s very lightly flurrying right can barely see it kind of snow.
It has been a really good week, lots of learning, and lots of spiritual things. We went over some of
the new 8 lessons that the brethren have come out with that will help us teach
They are...1) the doctrine of Christ-The missionary Purpose. 2) The
role of the holy ghost in Conversion. 3) Revelation through prayer 4)
Revelation through the BofM. 5) Revelation through Church attendance. 6) Teach
People, Not lessons. 7) We invite, they commit, we follow up and #8) How to
begin teaching.
I actually wish they came out with these when I first came out because I have become a much better
teacher since they have come out, and I have learned a TON in studying them. They can all be found in "Preach My Gospel" Which by the way is a goodbook...I love it. I encourage yall to study it out...especially Chapter4...Recognizing the Spirit(my favorite).
Had some pretty cool experiences. I got to stay with the current Stones River Elders that are now there. On Tuesday night me and Elder Bassett(one of the missionaries that are there) went to an investigator who is reading the BofM and he wants to find truth. The lesson went really well, at
the end of the lesson we invited him to say a kneeling prayer....probably one of the most powerful moments on my mission. The spirit was SUPER strong. But I don’t think he realized it, but I
was able to point it out to him, and I asked him how he felt, and he said peaceful and calm. It was a very special moment. I will probably remember that one forEVER.  But all in all the past 3
days have been really, really spiritual for me. I just love this gospel, it is awesome, and I am so glad I have this opportunity to serve the Lord.
Oh, on Sunday night we had an awesome lesson with our Ward mission leaders nephew. He has been meeting with us for about a month now, and we set a baptismal date with him!!!!!! We set it for February 6th. His name is Josh Reed, so if you could keep him in your prayers that
would be awesome.
I like Tullahoma a lot. Sister Mills and I had a good conversation on Sunday after church, and as
well as Brother Mills. She told me the last time I saw her in church I was interrupting
sacrament meeting :) But we plan on having breakfast with them on Saturday morning....oh and thanks for the box!!!!! and tell Diana, if you can find the Tennessee
shirt she can burn it or throw it away...I have repented of wearing the T shirt
:) haha.
Yesterday was President Hutchings birthday! Not sure how old
he is, but our whole Zone gave him a tie. I have some good pictures of it.
How was your week? Hope it was good. Hmmm...Can't really
think of anything else. Oh, my companion’s name is Elder Waltman. He is from
Alberdine Idaho...not sure if that’s how you spell Alberdine but yeah. We get
along really well, and have lots of fun together.
We are going to head back to Tullahoma shortly, after we take some pictures of downtown, and go exploring  :D. Today has been a good day so far. And it was good to be back in Murfreesboro for a couple days, and to see
people...seems like people remember me and miss me so I guess I had done some
good things there. And I found out that a less active is now active. I
worked with him ALOT when I was there and he is trying to be a good missionary. He
was so shocked to see me there, but very happy to see me.
But yeah I am doing good and loving life, and loving every moment of my mission. Thank you all so
much for your love and support that you have shown me while I have been out here. I really do appreciate it. :) It's hard to believe how fast time goes, but I guess that’s what happens when you are serving the Lord and serving people you love. Because I have truly come to love the people here. No matter what walks of life they have been through.; Just thought I would take a moment
Till Next week
-Elder Tim Edgell"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here's this week's update from Elder Edgell.
I heard f rom Sis. Mills, my friend in Tullahoma (we knew them in Alabama 1987-90, Tim was born during that time) and she said they have had close to 18 inches of snow there.
Missionaries can't drive when roads are dangerous. Hmmm...guess they get lots of service and study time.

January 11,2011
"Hey everyone....this will just be a quick email.
We got about 7 inches of snow! We got snowed in yesterday,
and couldn't drive till later this evening...we are using a members computer
just to let ya'll know we are safe, and somewhat warm.
I did get transferred, but still at Tullahoma...and yes I am in Sister Mills ward...we were supposed
to go out to eat with them last night, but due to bad roads we weren’t able to.
We are going to reschedule for later this week.
But everything is going good.
Heard Auburn won the National Championship game :D. I am
sure Doug is happy about that one. I am too it just proves that the SEC is the
best conference in the Nation :D.
Also heard from the members we are at that y’all are
supposed to get the snow we got, but a lot more. Hope you survive :D.
Everything is good. We had a really good week last week.
Interviews went good, need to make improvements. But don’t we all. My companion
and I are working really hard on being STRICT in EVERYTHING. I went on
exchanges last week Wed-Friday, went good, got a lot of work done.

Ummm, that’s all I can think of. Since it is Martin Luther
King Jr. Day next Monday I will be emailing next Tuesday....hopefully no
weather restrictions...we hear there is supposed to be another bad storm  coming through, rain/ice...let’s hope not.
But yup I am doing good. Surviving the snow...we made a snow
man :D...just a little one, but I have pictures of it. Hope you survive your
winter you all
Talk to y’all next week.
-Elder Edgell"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year from Tullahoma, TN


First week in Tullahoma was a good one! Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years. I know I had a fun New Years. New Years Eve and New Years Day were both Pdays and a much needed break.

New Years day was an all day P-day and I had a great time with the Zone. We got to watch Toy Story 3! It is a really good movie. I always loved the Toy Story sagas. I think 3 is the funniest. We played LOTS of dodge ball, and LOTS of basketball, and of course the best part of the day was watching the movie. Our one movie we get to watch each year, well I guess technically we get to watch two, Christmas and New Years. But anyways it was a blast.

Yes, it was a shock to get transferred, but the new ward/area is great!

I think it is evenly spread out between old and young, unlike my last ward, where it was just old people. Our ward mission leader is awesome. He is a dentist, and very, very nice. His name is Brother Lynn. We ate dinner over there last night. His office is way cool too.

Hopefully I can send y’all some pictures here soon.

We start [church] at 9:00, but we have to be there at 7:30 for meetings, and we are the only ward that meets.
Yes, we do have our own washer and dryer...THANK’s nice. It’s more of a duplex, than an apartment. I like it much better than my last apartment that’s for sure. And we live in a pretty good neighborhood.

Elder Reeder is my District Leader...if you remember, I served with him in Sulphur Well. He was my first companion back, and I came out with him...this is my district’s last’s weird to think that they are going home in 4 weeks :/.

We are working with some really solid people here. I am excited. We have a lot of potentials that could be baptized this month. So things are really looking up here in Tullahoma.

The ward is good, investigators good, weather is EXTREMLY nice for this time of year, especially compared to last year this time, it was in the negatives...but I’m thankful for the great weather here.

I had the opportunity this morning during my studies to reflect on last year, and what I accomplished.
I actually did a lot last year. This year is going to be better.
My motto for this year...."2011 is going to be THE BEST EVER." So I am excited for the new year, a fresh start, and a lot of goals to accomplish before I go home.

Well, I think that’s it for this week.

Not much else new here, other than my new area that I like and my companion and I are getting along. Oh, interviews are in Murfreesboro on Thursday morning, so I am excited to be able to go back and see M'Boro.

Oh and relation to Nashville, it is south east, not sure how far out, but our area borders the Alabama border. Which I hope to go down to sometime and get my picture taken in front of "Welcome to Alabama".

We also have a full time car, and 1200 miles, which is really nice to have a fulltime car. :p

Well that’s it. Hope everyone is doing well, and having a great New Year!

HAPPY 2011

Hope y’all have a good week :D

-Elder Edgell

PS MOM.....I actually found shoes in my apartment, that are pretty much new and they fit :D"