Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy After Conference

4 April 2011


I hope ya'll had a GREAT weekend, and enjoyed conference as much as I did. I think all of them were really good. I got something out of all of them. My particular favorites were priesthood session and Sunday afternoon session. My favorite from the Sunday afternoon one was of course Elder Holland's and I can't remember his name but it was the one where he started off with the question of To Be or Not to Be. I really enjoyed that one. And of course C. Scott Grow, only because I had a chance to meet him, he came to our mission, and taught us at Zone Conference. Richard G. Scott’s was also really good. I guess I can't pick favorites either, because they were all so great. They talked a lot about temples, and families. At least that is what I got out of it. But yes, obedience was one I got also, by not going through the motions of life, and be someone. But overall this was an AMAZING conference :).

 Marcie and Bryleigh are doing well. Marcie came to yesterday afternoon's session, and she enjoyed it. We went over last night and talked to her about it, and she brought her son over to meet us who is 16, and I think he is interested as well. So I personally think that Marcie is the key to a lot of people joining the church at least within her family. They are indeed a very special family. She is like our mom here. 
It's weird I have had a mom, grandma and grandpa in at least all of my areas.  I guess the Lord knows me, and wants me to be well taken care of out here. It is pretty remarkable to feel the love that other people have for you, and it is good to be able to see that they know why you are here on a mission. 
This past week has been a pretty good one. Nothing to exciting going on, except that Marcie will be baptized on the 16th of April, so please keep them in your prayers. I can't really think of anything else that is going on.

This week should be a great week, nothing out of the normal. Facebook missionary work is going well. I got 3 referrals from a less active. Only one of those are pretty decent, it is someone who I actually taught when I was in Murfreesboro, and she said that she would be interested in having missionaries come to her home and teach her again. My blog is having success which is fun to see. :) It is cool to be able to  keep track of who is looking at it and from what country. Haven't looked at it this morning, but hopefully it will be up there more, where more people are looking at it. I am glad you are enjoying my blog. At least someone is :D.

Oh, about my bike. I would like to sell it. I am going to give Sis. Hutchings a call and ask her if any missionaries need a bike, and ask around to see if anyone needs one. I will probably only sell it for about 85 or 90 bucks, since it is a really old bike, and has been used very, very, well, for about 4 years. Long time. Anyways oh, mom, I need 15 pictures from my mission, actually if you can provide at least 8 good pictures, at least email them to the mission home our last day there is a slide show that we watch. So if you could pick out 8 pictures that would be awesome!  Well I think that’s about it for this week.

Love ya'll,
 Hope you have a great week :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

Facebook and Blogging March 21st and 28th

March 21, 2011


It is B E A U T I F U L here in Tullahoma! It has been in the upper 70s this weekend and yesterday it reached 82! I love this weather...minus the allergies. It used to never bother me till I got out here. But the people here say if you don't have allergies you will find out here if you do, and I sure do. But oh well! :D I still love this time of year besides fall it has to be my favorite! Oh! Transfer calls came! I am finishing my final 6 weeks here in Tullahoma! Along with Elder Dietz as well. Elder Waltman is going to Old Hickory, TN. We are still going to be in a Tri-Panionship. Our new companions name is Elder Basset. And that’s pretty much all I know about him. I have been on exchanges with him before, he is a pretty good kid, I guess I will find out more tomorrow when we pick him up. 
This past week was a really good week! it wasn't to busy, but it was still good. Last P-Day we went to the Jack Daniels Distillery finally. It was pretty cool...I will send some pictures...I have alot of pictures to email this week :D. Last Tuesday we went to a members home and had some really good Ribs! I have had a ton of BBQ the last few is sooo good. A few weeks ago we went to Logans to do their ALL YOU CAN EAT Ribs, chicken, and steak. And man was it good. I don't think I could ever get sick of BBQ. It is so good!!! I will just have to work it all off when I get home this summer :]. The Peery's is the people we went over to last Tuesday, and we burned Elder Waltman and I's year mark shirt...even though I am a year late. I will send the video and’s really entertaining and unique to what we did :D. I think ya'll  will enjoy it. Wednesday was our "Spiritual Boot Camp" It was really long, but really good. I really learned a lot that day. And especially learned how to follow the spirit, and asked more inspired questions when we role played, it was really cool to see how the spirit can work with you. Thursday We went and gave a blessing to a little girl named Pipper...she’s the funniest little girl ever :D. She was really sick so we were able to give her a blessing and it was amazing once again to feel how much Heavenly Father really does love His children. We know that little girls family really well. Their names are the Dyvigs, they are cool :D.
Church yesterday was good. Our priesthood lesson was on Charity. It was pretty good. We just shared examples of charity, and who in our life we can see an example of that...The first people that came in to my mind of who is charitable of course was Christ, and you and dad. :D. A lot of other people also thought the same thing. But it was pretty good. I think Sunday school was about The life of Christ...but was late to class (Shhh don’t tell anyone). We were not there for the beginning of the lesson. We were talking with Bishop Davenport about something. I love our Bishop here in Tullahoma he is such a great man. Our ward has been through alot of things lately. In our PEC meeting yesterday we talked a lot about emergency preparedness with everything that is happening around the world, and I think the ward is going to start making sure families here are prepared with food storage etc etc....I hope our family will be prepared if anything were to happen in our region.
  Well I think that’s it for this week...I haven't gotten the box yet...They hold mail during transfer time, so they can get everyone situated, and organized i guess, so they don’t send something to someone that isn't there, so I will most likely pick it up at transfer meeting tomorrow.

Good Luck Andrew at your game tomorrow :D
CONGRATS MICHELLE :D...keep up the good work :D


Oh, and for the next 6 weeks you send my mail to this address it should get there quicker
 725 Ridgelawn Pl
Tullahoma TN

March 28, 2011

Hey everyone!

Okay..To clear up the whole facebook thing; So the whole reason we are on facebook at least to my understanding is so that we can get more out in the public, and also so that we can have our members be friends with our investigators as well, so that they can give encouragement, and so that they can be friends with them, and get more involved. Our mission has seen lots of success from it so far. To my knowledge we have resulted in 4 baptisms from missionaries and investigators being on facebook...speaking of baptisms!! We were able to set a date on Saturday!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!  Their names are Bryleigh who is 8, and Marcie(that is her mom). We had an awesome lesson with them on Friday night. We were able to teach them a first lesson with the cups. We gave them both a blessing of comfort, because the mom (Marcie) is going through a really tough time right now. It was really cool to see the spirit come in and work with them. It was super strong.
The next morning we were doing our facebook (By the way we go to the family history center at the church to do it, and yes we are required to work it up to 2hrs a day). We were talking to her via facebook, and we were wondering how she liked the lesson, and if she had prayed or not yet. She said she had a long talk with God, and felt that this is Christ's true church! YAY! We set the date for April 16! She also came to church yesterday, so we are really excited!!!
Please pray for Marcie, and Bryleigh Meyers.

The missionary department has done some research and has found that as we go out and knock doors, most of the time, if not every time, when people shut the door, people usually go to the computer and Google our church, and most of the time it is "ANTI" That pops up. And just to let everyone know, I have gone and edited my profile, so only spiritual things are on there...I think I got a little carried away, and it can wait until I get home to have the "Worldly" things on there. I am still trying to figure out how to hide peoples posts, at least people from home, etc. I am still getting the hang of it. It has changed since the last time I was on it, before I came out. But anyways, I have to admit it, is pretty weird being on facebook. But I am getting used to it. So yeah, the basics of it is to connect members and our investigators, so if they have any questions or anything they can ask them as well. Hope that can clear up some stuff.

If you all have any more questions feel free to ask. :) Great things are happening, and we are excited for the area, we found a couple new investigators. Elder Bassett is adjusting well to the area. We get along great! And we all like each other. He is from Boise, Idaho. Man I have had alot of companions from Idaho. But things are going really well. One cool person we are teaching is a care taker of a less active member. She is pretty solid! She is going to watch General conference at her house this weekend! I am really excited!!! And excited about general conference this weekend :D Looking forward to seeing what they have to say. Can't wait! Hope everyone is doing well!

Again, if ya'll have any questions please feel free to ask :).

Love you all!

Elder Tim Edgell

-PS Sorry for worrying and giving you concerns. :) I'll try and not do that anymore :D  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
and hope I wasn't too confusing :D