Friday, May 22, 2009

We Saw the Doc and A Moment of Sweet Kindness

We saw the orthopedic doc/surgeon today.
There is no fracture and no sign of the meniscus tear (answers to prayers).
He has what is called Patellofemural Syndrome (google that one)
He will be doing 4 weeks of PT to strengthen the muscles, etc. in the area.
The cartilages and ligaments are all intact and everything is in place.
If after 4 weeks of PT he is worse or sees no improvement they may consider
doing a "scope" to see what's up. We are planning on PT working and Tim returning to his mission first part of July. :-) Doctor was pretty confident that PT, etc. would take care of it.
So.... onward we go.

A little side note: As we were driving home from Walter Reed Army Hospital we saw a commuter bus stopped at a usual bus stop - what was unusual was seeing the bus driver walking a elderly person with a cane across busy Georgia Ave. I wish I would of had my camera to capture that tender moment. There are many kind folks in this world and I'm thankful Tim and I were able to witness that kindness. That bus driver went the extra mile. I wonder how many others noticed it. Hope it lifted them as it did us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

Tim had appointment at clinic on Monday - doctor just wrote out the referral.
We called today and were able to get an appointment at Walter Reed Army Hospital Orthopedics on May 22nd. We were hoping for sooner, but when the only other apppointment was June 17th we grabbed the 22nd and were happy. It's only a week and a half away.
Until next time...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Press Forward with Faith

On April 27th Elder Edgell wrote:
"What a wonderful morning. It's so sunny outside. I love it!
Jeff finally got baptized yesterday!!!!! It was awesome.

We had a pretty good week. We got to go to temple on Wednesday and we had Zone Conference on Thursday, which was awesome.
After the temple we went downtown to visit someone in the hospital and give a blessing.
Elder Ragle and I went and gave blood on Saturday morning and then we went and helped one of our investigators build a patio. That was fun. It was SERVICE DAY.
Knee Update: Hasn't gotten any better.
I'm working the hardest I've ever worked, and pushing through the pain.

The work continues here in TN."

And then on May 5th:

"Happy Early Mother's Day!!

Speaking of Mother's Day. I will be calling around 4 our time, so that's 5 yalls time.

We had Stake Conference on Sunday. It was broadcasted from Salt Lake. It was awesome.

We have been so busy, but busy is good and at the end of each night we are both dead tired. We got 16 new investigators last week. That is a ton!

We helped a lot of people move in too. Our branch is growing also.

Jeff, our recent convert is doing good. Still loving the church. He is such a good missionary.

Yesterday I had a Dr. appointment in Franklin, which took most of the day. I will find out results and what Dr. Stuki recommends. The knee is same ole same ole.

I'm on exchanges with Elder Christensen. He's awesome, and we get along good.

Thank ya'll for your prayers and fasting, it sure is helping with the work here.

Look forward to talking with you this week :-) "

MAY 10th :

How things can change in a moment.

I received a phone call on Thursday morning from President and Sister Hutchings (Mission President and wife).

After much prayer and consultation with doctors and missionary medical in Salt Lake, Tim needed to come home to get his knee taken care of. This is only temporary. He will return as soon as he is 100%. He has an appointment on Monday so our prayer and hope is that things will move quickly.

I picked him up on Friday afternoon at Washington Reagan Airport. It was of course good to see him but I know this is a difficult time for him. Only the Lord knows the reasons.

So for now his address is 5758 Ralston Court, Woodbridge, VA 22193.

I know some of you may be tempted to want to visit but Tim needs to focus on healing and continuing his missionary focus. Thanks for helping him to do that.


We will keep you posted...