Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey everyone!

This past week was a pretty good one! With school starting, there are a lot more people in town, and a lot more people out walking around. So that is good. This week especially we will have lots of people to talk to with opening home game of the season on Thursday, which I am excited about. I am enjoying being on a campus at the start of football season, it is awesome!

We had a very good week, ups and downs, but most of the week it was good, and spiritual. I had the oppurtunity to speak in sacrament meeting again yesterday. My talk was based on Quentin L. Cook's talk that he gave in the last General Conference, "We Follow Jesus Christ." It is a good talk. And I surprisingly wasn't that nervous...just super sun burned :) (mom's addition - he got the sunburn at football game)...We also taught the FHE lesson last night at YSA at the Kailiponi's, they are Hawaiian, and they made some AMAZING food. The mom gave a talk and whenever one of them gives a talk they always start off with ALOHA!, I thought it was awesome. We also sang hymns to the ukulele, all in all it was fun.

We were able to get a hold of Tim on Saturday. He is doing well. He just got out of the hospital and had surgery on his arm that he has been waiting to have for a while. We popped in on him on Saturday evening, and he is doing well, still recovering but doing good.

We still haven't been able to get a hold of Kennedy this past week (the RB for MTSU). I am sure with school starting up this week and the first home game of the season, he is going to be VERY busy. I can't believe that football has already started, crazy :).
And I can't believe that August is gone already, and September is here, guess I just have to make the best of what time I have left.

This past weekend we did a lot of service for one of our part member families. The Dodson family. The dad is a returning from inactivity. The son is 9 years old, his name is Daygon, and he wants to be baptized on Sept. 11th. His dad is still striving to work on baptizing his son. Aaron (the dad's name) does so much for us, he helps us out a lot, or he has helped us out alot, and I think it's because we help him out a lot. We mowed is lawn on Friday and Saturday we went and watched his son play football...It was good to watch football again, even though it was little kid football it was still fun. They got DESTROYED, sadly, 47-0. The team they played are the National Champions of the league, they go around playing teams in diff. states. Anywho, after emailing today, we are gonna finish up his yard, and do some other things to help him out...anything to make his life easier.

Well this week should be a good week :). Hopefully everyone will be reached, teached and baptized. We have a "Special MTG" here in M'Boro with President and the APs so it should be good.

Well hope everyone has a good/fantastic/superb/amazing week :)

Love ya'll
Elder Edgell :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missionaries and Football


Hey everyone hope everyone has had a good week! This past week was a good one, and good news! We survived the transfer calls again this week, so E.Lawrence and I are both staying here in Stones River at least another transfer. :), we are both happy about that.

So last week was a really good week. And cool news, we are teaching the 2nd string running back of the MTSU football team! He is way solid, and way nice and cool. So we are hopefully going to be able to get to a game this season, which I am excited about.
Its hard to believe that football season is just two weeks away. Time flies.
We met with Kennedy, that's his name and we had a very good lesson with him. We almost set a baptismal date with him, but he said he is going to pray about a date. He is reading the B of M so he will progress as time goes on. And the cool thing about teaching Kennedy is that since the whole MTSU football team ALWAYS goes to church together, whenever Kennedy will come to church the whole team will most likely show up. So we are going to be working with him and most likely the other players to see if they can make it, which would be awesome! So, please keep him in your prayers as well.

About Tim...We haven't been able to get a hold of him since probably last Wednesday. We don't know what is up, but we are trying to contact him. Prayers will definitely be needed in his behalf.
We have been mostly working with less actives lately trying to get them to come back to church. No luck yet, but it will soon be good.

Everything is going well over here, teaching lots, walking lots, and having fun.

I was able to get a disposable camera last Friday, so I will be able to take pictures in the time being.

So nothin new other than the same ole same ole, no stories :(.

Well, hopefully yall have a good week. Love you :)...Keep up the work.

Love your missionary in TN

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Geographical Center of Tennessee

16 August 2010

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone's week was a good week. Ours was an excellent week.

We were able to set a baptismal date with Tim last Monday evening, but his date dropped due to church attendance :(. We haven't been able to contact him since Friday evening. So please remember him in your prayers that we will be able to contact him so we can teach him again.

Last Thursday we had a meeting in Macminville..aka McMinville. We are learning lessons that the brethren at Salt Lake wants all the missions in the world to learn, and it helps us be better missionaries.

I wish I knew this stuff when I first came out. I am a way better teacher than I was before after applying what I have learned.

I also got to see Elder Dean! woo. It was a LONG meeting 8am-1pm. It was very very long. But very good.

Oh...WE MOVED! We got the word last Monday during P-Day. We started the move on Friday, just E.Lawrence and I moving all the small stuff from our apartment. I'm so happy we moved. I'm not depressed whenver I get back home...yeah it was that bad. And our mold was grooooss! But we live in a way nice apartment now. I will take pictures of it today, and when I send off my camera I will send off my mem card as well so that you can put it on the computer or whatever you do with it.

But anyways we are moved and good and we are settled in. Thank goodness its not a house full and we are just missionaries so we only had a few things to move. So it was all good.

It was also VERY VERY hot. We have had alot of big storms come through the area this past week. One was on Wednesday and it knocked out power for a good while.

Lets see, nothing too much happened other than our move, and setting a date that dropped :(. And I will get the camera sent off today to ya. I will make sure it's nice and packed. We have to go change our address anyways today so good thing. I will make sure I have everything that goes with it too. Hope ya'll have a good week. :D

Your favorite missionary in TN
Elder Edgell :)

P.S Sorry its a short letter this week....but I HAVE PICTURES!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 9th ("Anyways", is that even a word? )

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has had a good week like we did. Last week was a really reall good/spiritual week :).

I can't believe how fast August is going. It's already the 9th!

Anyways, Zone Conference was way good. We learned alot! Our zones goal last month was 11 baptized and we only got 5 or 6, so we had a talkin to from President. But we have recommitted ourselves, and are working harder than ever. Our goal this month is 22 :).

Mine and Elder Lawrence's goal is 2 this month. We have alot of potentials. The only problem is we need to get them to church. One of our investigators who has been to church once before, was supposed to come, but right before church he got a phone call from someone, I think it was child services or something to do with his ex-wife, and he had a meeting that he had to be at.
I talked to him on the phone for a good 15 minutes, I think he just needed to talk to someone about all he was going through, that's what he said anyways, which that's what I am here for, to listen and help people...If you could remember him in your prayers that would be great..his name is Tim Harrison. We plan to stop by tonight to visit with him and try and set a date for the 29 or 28th, since he has been to church once before.

Kevin, another one of our investigators is doing well. Our first lesson with him last week he told us that he only reads the bible and doesn't see the need for another book, but we commited him hard core, and testified boldy...we used alot of BOLDNESS with him, kind of like Jacob when he talked Boldly to the people in the BofM, anyways we went over on Saturday night and talked to him a little bit, and he said "So I have a question...this book is exactly like the bible..why?" So in my mind I was like we tried to teach you last time that it is another testament of Jesus Christ. So we explained a little bit to him about it and we asked him how he felt during and after he read, he said he didn't feel anything, and then we asked if he had prayed about it before and after...he got all bright eyed and said OH! I forgot to pray! So we commited him again to read and then pray about it. The Lord is definitely working with our investigators here, and blessing us with success.

In my Book of Mormon reading I think I got to 3 Nephi chapter 14 today or somwhere around there. I love the Book of Mormon, it's amazing hearing all of the stories there.

Last Thursday we got a new phone!!! It is way cool, it's not the same tanks that we had before. They're the sprints version of a black berry, it has a camera but it's locked...

So I have come to the conclusion yesterday that I love Murfreesboro so much I want to move here :) It is an amazing place. It feels like home...a home away from a home. There are so many good people here.

Oh, so I don't remember if I told you but one of our part member families that we are working with, is a retired professor from MTSU, and he said that he is going to take us to an MTSU football game this season!!! If I am still here during football season, whish I hope to be... I am excited. Not sure which game, but I'm sure it will be close. We saw MTSU's football team walk out after they were done workin out one night, when we were walking around. and there are some pretty big dudes on their team :).

Anyways, other than that things are going well, moving along. Havin alot of fun. Takin it all in because it is going by way too fast...oh mom you look good by the way :). And nice tie Andrew :), and knot too :) impressive.

Anyways hope ya'll have a good week this week...stay cool..well not sure if its gonna be hot there but its supposed to be another hot one here this week, hopefully not as bad as it was last week up in the 100's.


-Elder Edgell

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New People to Teach and Some Photos

2 August 2010

"Hey everyone!

Hope everyone had a good week last week as we did. We found 8 new people to teach! woot woot! It was a pretty good week.

Lots of finding and lots of teaching.

Prayers are definitely being answered. And thanks for all the support from everyone.

We found some really awesome people this past week. They are so prepared by the Lord, and we were in the right spot at the right time :) thank goodness. One couple that we found, actually we are pretty much neighbors, they live a couple apartments down from us, we helped them move in on Saturday night. Their names are Shawn and Sheina. They just moved from the Franklin area, and Shawn just got out of the army about a month ago. We are going to let them get settled in and then go teach them hopefully this coming Sunday evening. But they are way awesome, he is in the "searching mode" right now trying to find out which denomination he wants to be, that's what he told us when we talked to him.

This week is going to be a very busy week. On Thursday we have Zone Conference and Thursday evening we have a dinner at 5, appointment at 6 ,7 and 830, and I don't know how we are going to get places because we give up the car on Wednesday, so it should be interesting to find out how we are going to get places.

It should be fun, luckily we have a ride to the 830 appointment that we have with our baptism date that we have for September 11th. But all in all it is going to be a very very busy hectic week, luckily Zone Conference is here at the Murfreesboro building...that will save us miles.

Sorry to hear that Michelle sprained her ankle, hopefully it heals soon :). Tell her, that her Uncle Tim loves her :) and that I say hi. Glad to hear that ya'll are moved in and settling in. That's cool that the Ortons are in the ward :) I'm sure it was good to see them. Sacrament meeting was really good yesterday.

Yeah mom, you sent me my line of authority, and my patriarchal blessing.

Hmmm, wow I can't really think of anything else. I hit my 15 month mark on Wednesday! 15 down 9 more to go :). Sorry I don't have much to write about this week, hopefully I will have more next week. Hopefully some exciting stories to tell...maybe if anyone has any questions for me about my mission or about TN or anything to help that would be a good idea....Oh, I have pictures to send!!! Well that's all for this week.

Love yall :)

Elder Edgell"

July 26th Update

"Hey ya'll :)

Hows everyone doing? Hopefully good and hope you had a good move :). I'll be doing the same thing at the end of September if I'm still here.

Baptism/wedding went well for Taylor. I am glad I got to go. I don't have pictures today, because I forgot my connection cord to send pictures, but I will be sure to send some next week.

It definitely was a very good week. Taught 27 lessons this past week, but only found 1 new investigator. That investigator number WILL be going up this week though. We are going to be doing ALOT of finding this coming week.

Our one investigator that we have we are most likely going to drop her because for some reason she has lost interest :/. And her husband is coming home from Iraq this week, and she said he might be a little interested, but she is not sure, so we are going over this week maybe or probably next week to meet him, and that will most likely be our last time visiting with her...her name is Rachel.

This past week went by way fast, and without the car :(. oh well...It has been way hot and humid the past couple weeks, thankfully I have a camelback now, so I have water with me at all times when we are out biking and what not :).

I had the opportunity to talk in Sacrament meeting went very well. We were told on Saturday night, we were just going to bear our testimonies, but I had no idea what I was going to talk about, but it came out talking about Christ and the Bof M. It was actually a really cool experience, after I introduced my self I paused and had no idea what to say, and then I just started bearing my testimony...I talked for a good 5 minutes probably.

Speaking of Book of Mormon, I made it to Alma chapter 52 this morning :). And since I'm highlighting everytime it mentions Christ's name and counting it up, it mentions His name about 1,524 times. It is amazing to see how many times it references it...and people say that it's not scripture, or it doesn't talk about Christ. pshh.

Anywho, this ward is really awesome. I love everyone here. Our ward mission leader (Bro. Fulton) is amazing. I like him alot.

I definitely enjoy being back in M'Boro, and it definitely feels like a home away from home. The members are taking good care of us here.

I actually LOVE being back here because now that I know the southern half of M'Boro I will know ALL of M'Boro, and know the good places and bad places to live or not to live etc. etc...but I am getting to know this area pretty well. It helps that I have been here before.

I have been slacking on doing stairs, but am going to start back up this week, tommorow morning. Since we live down the street from the football stadium here, I plan on running stairs there every morning.

Elder Ika, yup I know him. I actually know him pretty well, we were in the MTC together before he came out. He is spanish, so I don't see him that often. Is that in PW ward or Springfield?

Well I think thats everything for thist week, sorry its not long, nothing too exciting other then Taylors baptism :). Hope everyone has a good week :)

Love you all BUNCHES, and thanks for the love and support :)

Much love from your missionary in Tennessee :)

-Elder Edgell "