Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bellevue Tennessee

"It's your favorite missionary again, reporting live from Belleveu Tennesee :). Well, the first big storm of the year hit us on Saturday, tornado warnings and such...we didn't have any tornadoes, but LOTS of rain and lightning. But we are safe and sound.
My new companion, Elder Dean is cool. I like him alot, and we get along good. He is from Portland Oregon.

The ward here is a decent size. They love missionaries, and we get fed very often, which is good, even with the new rule, they are doing a good job. The Bishop is awesome, he's only 32! yeah, young. The ward here is really nice. I like everyone alot, it's more of a bunch of young couples because most people are going to school. We live in a city/suburban area. We are just west of Nasvhille. We kind of live in the ghetto, but it's a nice apartment. No washer or dryer, so we do laundry at a members home. The members here are awesome.

Not sure about the mem card yet, because we haven't been able to check mail all week, Elder Dean's last companion accidently took the mail key, so we are hoping to get that today hopefully, but I'll let you know next week.
We are in a part time car area/bike area. It's hard coming from a full time car to part time car, but I am surviving. LOTS of HILLS. Some areas remind me of Sulphur Well. My district is not that big, it is us, the Green Hills Ward Elders, and the Zone Leaders. I like it though, because one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Richins, who I cam out with, is one of them and I like him alot, and Elder Culvur, who was in my district a few months ago in M'Boro. Elder Richins is the one that looks like Tebow. :) We ride the bus everywhere when we don't have the car, I kinda like it, you get to talk to alot of people and it's a good contacting tool.

Oh I almost forgot about mothers day :) I'm excited i get to talk with yall too :)....I have the 9:00 church so I think I am going to call after church is over around 1 or 2 my time. Wow, time flies, I hit my year mark in may, wait that's next week.... ah!! you know a year ago this time, I was just about to come home, crazy how time flies.

The work here is going good, slow, but good. We don't have as big of a teaching pool that we did in Murfreesboro, but it is growing slowly but surely. We are going to try and find as many people to teach as possible. Please keep praying for us, it will greatly be needed.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well and hope that yall have a good week.
Well I'm doing well, hope everyone has a GOOD week.

Reporting live from Bellevue and until next weeks live report: I love you all!

-Elder Edgell "

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 19th Entry - Elder Edgell the jokester

"So we had a conference call last Friday with President and the mission President of the Knoxville mission.The Knoxville mission is losing some missionaries, and they are already down a lot... so they are going to combine our mission in with that mission, pretty crazy huh? And I am getting transferred in to Knoxville to be a Zone Leader.........That's really all the info I have for now, I'll find out more tomorrow at Transfers and ill let y'all know next week, its an exciting new challenge, and I'm ready for it! And its a huge change for everyone, our mission just got bigger :) I'll let you know more info as I get more info.

I WAS KIDDING ABOUT OUR MISSION COMBINING WITH THE KNOXVILLE MISSION :) :) After a long 4 1/2 months here in the Boro I am on my way to the Bellview area/Green Hills area.
I am still district leader there in Bellview/Green Hills, I am not sure if I am covering both wards, but from what President said last night it sounded like I would be, so that should be fun, and Bellview I think is Presidents ward, so even better. So I'm pretty excited, my new companion is Elder Dean, all I know is his name, I have meet him before, so we'll see how it goes. :) Elder Johnson is training, so we do not know who is replacing me. I am really getting transferred though. :)

Last week was a really good week. I went to McMinnville on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Campbell. It was like the good ole times here in the Boro. All of our investigators are doing well, most are progressing towards baptism, Michael Perry came to church! It was exciting. He hasn't been in forever, so it was good to see him there. I look forward to sending y'all pictures of me and my new companion next week, and also of my new area. The beginning of a new adventure awaits me....wish me luck:)

Glad to here everyone is doing well, hope everyone continues to be healthy and strong. I love each of you :)

-Elder Edgell

sorry the email is so short, but nothing too exciting happened, so I will definitely be writing a lot more next week about my new area and ward. :)

PS I thought I'd prank ya to make my email sound exciting :) and to make transfers exciting.

April 12th entry

"I will be in McMinnville again on exchanges with the Zone Leaders Wednesday-Friday, so that should be fun.And I will be with Elder Campbell, who I first served with here in Murfreesboro.

This past week went by way fast. Time is flying so much. Last week was really good, our lessons went up from the past week, from 18 to 25. We are seeing much work being done here. We met with Lance and Haley and we had such an amazing lesson. The spirit was really strong there. Haley told us that everything is begining to "click and come together" so that was awesome. As for Lance he is still praying and reading about the Bof M. We might go visit with them tonight if we have time. We have a few appointments tonight, so we will hopefully be able to make it over there.
We haven't been able to see Moses since last Tuesday I think, but he is doing good.He continues to read and pray. He knows the BofM is true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, he just needs to recognize the significance of that, which he does not realize yet. But other than that he is doing good. We had no investigators at church sadly on Sunday. The whole district struggled with that, as well as new investigators and lessons in general. Zone Conference week is usually low, but not as low as they were at. I just hope they will work hard this week, and see success.

Speaking of Zone Conference, it was really good. It was in McMinnville, and we had to drive all the way down there because the cars were getting inspected, we passed :). It was a really good conference.
There is a sister missionary in the mission that has just dominated everything about missionary work. She is a Nauvoo Sister missionary who came in for a couple months, and in one week she taught 77 lessons! Now that's ALOT of lessons. President was impressed with what she was doing so he had her come in every Zone Conference and tell us how to do it. Basically you have to be humble and sincere when you talk to people, and most of all be excited!!! about the gospel, because after all it is a very exciting thing to know that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ has been put back on the earth.
I have been trying that out, and it actually works. It's amazing how many people will listen to you and accept your message if you are excited. This sister missionary was actually in the MTC the same time I was, so I knew her a little bit. And she is an amazing missionary.

Hmmm. Trying to think of what else happened this past week. There definitely has been alot of spiritual experiences, as well as blessings poured out to us. I have noticed that ever since President gave us the challenge to read the BofM and highlight every time it mentions Christ, that I have seen so many miracles here than I have my entire life, and I know that is due to our reading of the scriptures.
I have grown a love for the scriptures since I have been on my mission. It is amazing the difference that it makes in our lives as we read them, even just a little bit.

Being on a mission has definitely given me a perspective on how much I love my family. It makes me want to be able to spend as much time with yall alot more when I get home. And also seeing people change there lives around has also changed my life. It is a great blessing to be able to witness that. It is also a great blessing to be able to preach the gospel to all of my brothers and sisters. I love it so much, and I hope each of you get an oppurtunity sometime to share the gospel with someone. The Lord will bless you to be able to know what to say to them. I encourage you to look for that opportunity sometime during the week. :) :)

Hope every one is doing well and alive and kickin! I love each of you.

Your # 1 Missionary

-Elder Edgell

p.s. oh forgot to say something exciting happened yesterday. There was a brush fire right near our apartment, but they got it out quickly, thank goodness. "

Thursday, April 8, 2010

And the Work Goes Forward

Here's the latest from Elder Edgell. In the monthly mission newsletter I receive I noticed that Tim's zone was second in the mission for baptisms in March. They had 24! The Spanish zone lead with 29.

"Hope yall enjoyed General Conference this weekend, as I have. It definitely was a good one. Priesthood session was awesome too. I definitely agree with Ben, it was one of the best that I have been to as well. President Monson also said that in his remarks.

The weather is amazing here, it's been in the 80s all weekend, and I heard it's supposed to stay that way all this week here. :)

The work here is going really well, we were low on lessons this past week with only 18, but that's only because of General Conference weekend. We didn't get very many lessons in until last night. We worked really hard yesterday to try and achieve at least 18 lessons by the end of the night, and the Lord definitely blessed us as we showed our hard work, and obedience.

To top off a good weekend with Easter and General Conferance we were able to set two baptismal dates last. They were for Kim, and Kenny. They both really love the church, even though they have not yet been to it, they really wanted to go to GC but were unable to because of their 13month old son. They should be at church this Sunday. They are both really excited to get baptized. Their date is set for the 16th of May, only because they have to overcome smoking (like everyone else in the south) and they have to get married before then, so we will see how it goes. So we are way excited for them.

Lance came to the Saturday afternoon session, but Haley had to work. We plan on seeing them tonight sometime. We also usually play racquet ball with Lance so we are going to do that tommorow.

Also another one of our investigators who had a baptismal date came...Moses White, I don't know if I ever told you about him, but HE CAME! to the morning session. It was awesome to see him there, and a surprise, but also very thankful.

All of our investigators are doing well, they are progressing well also. We plan on setting a date with Lance and Haley tonight for baptism. So be sure to pray for us as we teach them, so that they will be willing and ready.

Ariana Naylor, who got baptized in March is doing awesome, we actually saw her this morning when we were washing the car. She enjoyed General Conferance alot. She liked how it was all about families.

But yeah the work is definitely going well. President in his email today told me that he was WAY impressed with what I have done here.

We find out if we get transfered not this Saturday but next Saturday. I might get transfered because I have been here since December...almost 4 1/2 months, that's how long I was in Sulpur well for. So we will find out then.

 I can't believe it's already April...SLOW DOWN TIME! At least if you find out how, let me know, that would be much appreciated of all of us missionaries.

A year ago last Friday was when the big tornado came through M'Boro, but luckily this year it was a nice Good Friday. Hope not too many twisters come through, although you know I would love to see one :).

Whats been happening with March Madness? It should be over, if not the Final Four...who made it?

Anyway I'm doing good, and healthy, and teaching LOTS of people all day everyday. I love it. It definitely is rewarding and fun, and also definitely probably the hardest thing I will ever have to do in my life...and I thought football camp was hard....nothing is comparable to a mission. It is the best thing that any one can ever do."