Monday, June 28, 2010

Apartment Hunting, Lots of Teaching and a Haircut Lesson Learned

"Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well! I sure am.

This week was a good week. We got to go to the temple, which was awesome as always. Had interviews with president, which was good.
It is going to be a normal week finally, not too many meetings. Just District meeting as usual.

We taught alot this past week, 33 lessons total. We are finally seeing our work progress.
We have also been apartment hunting this past week. We found out on Saturday that our lease was up in April! Talk about a little bit of mis-communication. So we have not only been busy trying to find a new apartment but also teaching people as well.

We have been very busy, the good thing about apartment hunting is we get known in the community pretty well. We have one last apartment to look at next Monday. It seems like a pretty nice place.We should hopefully hear from our apartment/finance person from the mission office today for the go ahead to move, we like it here, but don't like it here in West Nashville. It has been worked ALOT so we are trying to get into Bellevue, so we can see more people. So that's what we have been up to this past week.

We did get to see Taylor, she is doing very well. Still planning on getting baptized/married on the 23rd of July, but she's only been to church once so hopefully she will be there this coming week..keep her in your prayers.

Church was really good yesterday. President Hutchings spoke in our ward, and taught a combined priesthood/relief society meeting. Of course about missionary work.

I was able to see Sister Knighton and Kimberly this week. I walked in and saw her, didn't recognize her at first but saw her and went and talked a little bit. Said that you say hi, and I told her to tell you I say hi. It was good to see them again.

It was probably the best sacrament/overall church meetings that I have been to in a long while, it was very spiritually uplifting.

Lessons Learned: DO NOT cut your own hair on your mission with just a razor.Okay ,so this morning I tried to cut my hair because it was getting a little too long, so I grabbed a razor. Couldn't figure out how to put the numbers on so I said to myself, this shouldn't be too hard, I'll jusy go lightly over it so it's not too short, but of course the first cut was a little too much, so long story short, I had to pretty much go
buzzcut :(  ..but luckily I don't see president till next week at interviews, so it should be a little
bit longer. I learned that you definitely should have your companion cut your hair for you, because it will turn out bad, if you just use a razor. Probably the worst haircut ever since the girl at the MTC cut my hair before I came out. Anyways I am doing well.

Well I think that's it for this week. We are doing good, would like some mail though. Haven't gotten any in a long time. I did get a letter from Mike though on Saturday(that was nice) but would like some every now and then. Other than that doing well.

Love ya'll

-Elder Edgell"

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