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June 14, 2010



I can't believe that we had so much succsess this past week. The area is blossoming into a beautiful flower. We had a GREAT week, and a BUSY week.

Where to start!? hmm lets see. Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Lebanon. It was really good. Learned alot. They taught about talking to everyone we see...which we should do since we are the Lord's servants but the natural man gets to us sometimes.

After the conference I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders till Friday. It was a pretty decent exchange, we found a few investigators. On Friday when I got back to Bellevue (West Nashville) I found out that we had a booked night. Which I left the area to no one in our teaching pool to a boat load of people..We found a total of 19 new people to teach this past week. Taught a total of 44 lessons, and were able to SET A BAPTISM DATE! We set a date on Saturday was awesome, the lady's name is Taylor. She was so excited about what we were teaching her. Her boyfriend is a member so we taught her in his parent's home. She was so excited that during the lesson she asked us when she could join the church..the date is set for July 23rd. So please pray for her.

We also found a family of 10 on Thursday. An African family. They are from Burundi. I have not taught them yet, but am really excited, because we have an appointment to teach them tommorow night. Only 3 of them speak pretty good english. The rest speak Swhailli.

We only had one person at church yesterday, but its better than we have been having :).

Saturday, we had the dual mission conference with Elder Ballard! It was way good.

Elder Ballard was actually President Hutchings mission president when he was a missionary. He talked alot about that we should talk to at least 10 people a day between the two of us. Also very nicely rebuked us...he asked us how many of us had personel study, companionship study etc..every day including Sundays, and P-days...NO ONE raised their hand, and then went forth to talk about Preach My Gospel, and told us how they brought it about, and how long it took them was way cool.

He wished he could of shook all of our hands, but being that the Knoxville mission and our mission was together he just shook our hands in the air. :) He is actually a really funny guy.

He alowed us to take off our suits, because it was so hot..100 degress plus humidity. When he got in he was like...I feel like I'm in the Phillipines right now. :).

But all in all it was a good, good ,great conference.

We also got to take a mission picture...which I think is the first time ever that we got a mission picture, because that's the first time our mission has gotten together. It was good to get to talk to past companions...I found out that Murfreesboro is still doing really good. Which I was excited to hear. So that's kinda been the hecticness of our week."

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