Monday, June 7, 2010

Stake Conference and Old Aquaintance

May 24, 2010

It's me again. We had a really good week last week! And a great weekend.

This weekend was Stake Conference, and Elder Kenneth Johnson of the Seventy came and spoke. It was really good. I got the chance to meet and talk with him before hand. It was cool to meet him. He is a really nice guy. He scared Elder Dean and I because he told us that he might have us speak for a little bit during conference, but in the end we didn't have to...thank goodness. Oh, and guess who sat right behind us - Kimberly Knighton. I turned around to see if we had any of our investigators there, at first I didn't recognize that it was her, but saw her, and she waved...we didn't get to talk till after conference, but she is doing good. It's been a good 4 or 5 years since I last saw her. It was a good talk, and it was good to see a familiar face, as I’m sure it was good for her.

I’m glad you liked the picture...we had a BBQ at a members home, to celebrate their son, Austin’s graduation.

It's weird to see everyone here graduating...because that means it’s been 2 about a fast two years.

What!? Mike is home, bummer. Tell him I say hi next time you see him, and tell him to get back in the mission field where he belongs :). Hopefully he will get better soon...I know how it feels. Man, it’s been over a year since I was home with my knee problems. Crazy how fast time goes by.

So last week was a really good week. We taught 25 lessons, which is a first for this area in a long time, the other Elders in my district taught 40! Last week we had a week of faith in our mission, and it showed. We had so many miracles....even in the pouring down rain. :)

On Thursday like every Thursday, it was a day of finding. Our Zone Leaders challenged another Zone to a competition to see how many people we could talk with about the church...our Zone had 308 and they had 108...we killed was fun to see how many people we could try and talk to. We contacted over 60 people, and only got 1 new investigator out of it, but it was really good, we had 9 total lessons that day, which is really, really good for one day.

We had interviews on Friday which were good. Got a lot done. I think Elder Dean and I are staying another transfer together, which I don't mind because we get along great. I wouldn't mind getting another apartment though, but at least we have somewhere to stay. The work here is slowly but surely moving up.

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