Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 9th ("Anyways", is that even a word? )

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone has had a good week like we did. Last week was a really reall good/spiritual week :).

I can't believe how fast August is going. It's already the 9th!

Anyways, Zone Conference was way good. We learned alot! Our zones goal last month was 11 baptized and we only got 5 or 6, so we had a talkin to from President. But we have recommitted ourselves, and are working harder than ever. Our goal this month is 22 :).

Mine and Elder Lawrence's goal is 2 this month. We have alot of potentials. The only problem is we need to get them to church. One of our investigators who has been to church once before, was supposed to come, but right before church he got a phone call from someone, I think it was child services or something to do with his ex-wife, and he had a meeting that he had to be at.
I talked to him on the phone for a good 15 minutes, I think he just needed to talk to someone about all he was going through, that's what he said anyways, which that's what I am here for, to listen and help people...If you could remember him in your prayers that would be great..his name is Tim Harrison. We plan to stop by tonight to visit with him and try and set a date for the 29 or 28th, since he has been to church once before.

Kevin, another one of our investigators is doing well. Our first lesson with him last week he told us that he only reads the bible and doesn't see the need for another book, but we commited him hard core, and testified boldy...we used alot of BOLDNESS with him, kind of like Jacob when he talked Boldly to the people in the BofM, anyways we went over on Saturday night and talked to him a little bit, and he said "So I have a question...this book is exactly like the bible..why?" So in my mind I was like we tried to teach you last time that it is another testament of Jesus Christ. So we explained a little bit to him about it and we asked him how he felt during and after he read, he said he didn't feel anything, and then we asked if he had prayed about it before and after...he got all bright eyed and said OH! I forgot to pray! So we commited him again to read and then pray about it. The Lord is definitely working with our investigators here, and blessing us with success.

In my Book of Mormon reading I think I got to 3 Nephi chapter 14 today or somwhere around there. I love the Book of Mormon, it's amazing hearing all of the stories there.

Last Thursday we got a new phone!!! It is way cool, it's not the same tanks that we had before. They're the sprints version of a black berry, it has a camera but it's locked...

So I have come to the conclusion yesterday that I love Murfreesboro so much I want to move here :) It is an amazing place. It feels like home...a home away from a home. There are so many good people here.

Oh, so I don't remember if I told you but one of our part member families that we are working with, is a retired professor from MTSU, and he said that he is going to take us to an MTSU football game this season!!! If I am still here during football season, whish I hope to be... I am excited. Not sure which game, but I'm sure it will be close. We saw MTSU's football team walk out after they were done workin out one night, when we were walking around. and there are some pretty big dudes on their team :).

Anyways, other than that things are going well, moving along. Havin alot of fun. Takin it all in because it is going by way too fast...oh mom you look good by the way :). And nice tie Andrew :), and knot too :) impressive.

Anyways hope ya'll have a good week this week...stay cool..well not sure if its gonna be hot there but its supposed to be another hot one here this week, hopefully not as bad as it was last week up in the 100's.


-Elder Edgell

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