Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Geographical Center of Tennessee

16 August 2010

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone's week was a good week. Ours was an excellent week.

We were able to set a baptismal date with Tim last Monday evening, but his date dropped due to church attendance :(. We haven't been able to contact him since Friday evening. So please remember him in your prayers that we will be able to contact him so we can teach him again.

Last Thursday we had a meeting in Macminville..aka McMinville. We are learning lessons that the brethren at Salt Lake wants all the missions in the world to learn, and it helps us be better missionaries.

I wish I knew this stuff when I first came out. I am a way better teacher than I was before after applying what I have learned.

I also got to see Elder Dean! woo. It was a LONG meeting 8am-1pm. It was very very long. But very good.

Oh...WE MOVED! We got the word last Monday during P-Day. We started the move on Friday, just E.Lawrence and I moving all the small stuff from our apartment. I'm so happy we moved. I'm not depressed whenver I get back home...yeah it was that bad. And our mold was grooooss! But we live in a way nice apartment now. I will take pictures of it today, and when I send off my camera I will send off my mem card as well so that you can put it on the computer or whatever you do with it.

But anyways we are moved and good and we are settled in. Thank goodness its not a house full and we are just missionaries so we only had a few things to move. So it was all good.

It was also VERY VERY hot. We have had alot of big storms come through the area this past week. One was on Wednesday and it knocked out power for a good while.

Lets see, nothing too much happened other than our move, and setting a date that dropped :(. And I will get the camera sent off today to ya. I will make sure it's nice and packed. We have to go change our address anyways today so good thing. I will make sure I have everything that goes with it too. Hope ya'll have a good week. :D

Your favorite missionary in TN
Elder Edgell :)

P.S Sorry its a short letter this week....but I HAVE PICTURES!

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