Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July 26th Update

"Hey ya'll :)

Hows everyone doing? Hopefully good and hope you had a good move :). I'll be doing the same thing at the end of September if I'm still here.

Baptism/wedding went well for Taylor. I am glad I got to go. I don't have pictures today, because I forgot my connection cord to send pictures, but I will be sure to send some next week.

It definitely was a very good week. Taught 27 lessons this past week, but only found 1 new investigator. That investigator number WILL be going up this week though. We are going to be doing ALOT of finding this coming week.

Our one investigator that we have we are most likely going to drop her because for some reason she has lost interest :/. And her husband is coming home from Iraq this week, and she said he might be a little interested, but she is not sure, so we are going over this week maybe or probably next week to meet him, and that will most likely be our last time visiting with her...her name is Rachel.

This past week went by way fast, and without the car :(. oh well...It has been way hot and humid the past couple weeks, thankfully I have a camelback now, so I have water with me at all times when we are out biking and what not :).

I had the opportunity to talk in Sacrament meeting went very well. We were told on Saturday night, we were just going to bear our testimonies, but I had no idea what I was going to talk about, but it came out talking about Christ and the Bof M. It was actually a really cool experience, after I introduced my self I paused and had no idea what to say, and then I just started bearing my testimony...I talked for a good 5 minutes probably.

Speaking of Book of Mormon, I made it to Alma chapter 52 this morning :). And since I'm highlighting everytime it mentions Christ's name and counting it up, it mentions His name about 1,524 times. It is amazing to see how many times it references it...and people say that it's not scripture, or it doesn't talk about Christ. pshh.

Anywho, this ward is really awesome. I love everyone here. Our ward mission leader (Bro. Fulton) is amazing. I like him alot.

I definitely enjoy being back in M'Boro, and it definitely feels like a home away from home. The members are taking good care of us here.

I actually LOVE being back here because now that I know the southern half of M'Boro I will know ALL of M'Boro, and know the good places and bad places to live or not to live etc. etc...but I am getting to know this area pretty well. It helps that I have been here before.

I have been slacking on doing stairs, but am going to start back up this week, tommorow morning. Since we live down the street from the football stadium here, I plan on running stairs there every morning.

Elder Ika, yup I know him. I actually know him pretty well, we were in the MTC together before he came out. He is spanish, so I don't see him that often. Is that in PW ward or Springfield?

Well I think thats everything for thist week, sorry its not long, nothing too exciting other then Taylors baptism :). Hope everyone has a good week :)

Love you all BUNCHES, and thanks for the love and support :)

Much love from your missionary in Tennessee :)

-Elder Edgell "

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