Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bellevue Tennessee

"It's your favorite missionary again, reporting live from Belleveu Tennesee :). Well, the first big storm of the year hit us on Saturday, tornado warnings and such...we didn't have any tornadoes, but LOTS of rain and lightning. But we are safe and sound.
My new companion, Elder Dean is cool. I like him alot, and we get along good. He is from Portland Oregon.

The ward here is a decent size. They love missionaries, and we get fed very often, which is good, even with the new rule, they are doing a good job. The Bishop is awesome, he's only 32! yeah, young. The ward here is really nice. I like everyone alot, it's more of a bunch of young couples because most people are going to school. We live in a city/suburban area. We are just west of Nasvhille. We kind of live in the ghetto, but it's a nice apartment. No washer or dryer, so we do laundry at a members home. The members here are awesome.

Not sure about the mem card yet, because we haven't been able to check mail all week, Elder Dean's last companion accidently took the mail key, so we are hoping to get that today hopefully, but I'll let you know next week.
We are in a part time car area/bike area. It's hard coming from a full time car to part time car, but I am surviving. LOTS of HILLS. Some areas remind me of Sulphur Well. My district is not that big, it is us, the Green Hills Ward Elders, and the Zone Leaders. I like it though, because one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Richins, who I cam out with, is one of them and I like him alot, and Elder Culvur, who was in my district a few months ago in M'Boro. Elder Richins is the one that looks like Tebow. :) We ride the bus everywhere when we don't have the car, I kinda like it, you get to talk to alot of people and it's a good contacting tool.

Oh I almost forgot about mothers day :) I'm excited i get to talk with yall too :)....I have the 9:00 church so I think I am going to call after church is over around 1 or 2 my time. Wow, time flies, I hit my year mark in may, wait that's next week.... ah!! you know a year ago this time, I was just about to come home, crazy how time flies.

The work here is going good, slow, but good. We don't have as big of a teaching pool that we did in Murfreesboro, but it is growing slowly but surely. We are going to try and find as many people to teach as possible. Please keep praying for us, it will greatly be needed.

Glad to hear everyone is doing well and hope that yall have a good week.
Well I'm doing well, hope everyone has a GOOD week.

Reporting live from Bellevue and until next weeks live report: I love you all!

-Elder Edgell "

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