Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here's this week's update from Elder Edgell.
I heard f rom Sis. Mills, my friend in Tullahoma (we knew them in Alabama 1987-90, Tim was born during that time) and she said they have had close to 18 inches of snow there.
Missionaries can't drive when roads are dangerous. Hmmm...guess they get lots of service and study time.

January 11,2011
"Hey everyone....this will just be a quick email.
We got about 7 inches of snow! We got snowed in yesterday,
and couldn't drive till later this evening...we are using a members computer
just to let ya'll know we are safe, and somewhat warm.
I did get transferred, but still at Tullahoma...and yes I am in Sister Mills ward...we were supposed
to go out to eat with them last night, but due to bad roads we weren’t able to.
We are going to reschedule for later this week.
But everything is going good.
Heard Auburn won the National Championship game :D. I am
sure Doug is happy about that one. I am too it just proves that the SEC is the
best conference in the Nation :D.
Also heard from the members we are at that y’all are
supposed to get the snow we got, but a lot more. Hope you survive :D.
Everything is good. We had a really good week last week.
Interviews went good, need to make improvements. But don’t we all. My companion
and I are working really hard on being STRICT in EVERYTHING. I went on
exchanges last week Wed-Friday, went good, got a lot of work done.

Ummm, that’s all I can think of. Since it is Martin Luther
King Jr. Day next Monday I will be emailing next Tuesday....hopefully no
weather restrictions...we hear there is supposed to be another bad storm  coming through, rain/ice...let’s hope not.
But yup I am doing good. Surviving the snow...we made a snow
man :D...just a little one, but I have pictures of it. Hope you survive your
winter you all
Talk to y’all next week.
-Elder Edgell"

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