Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year from Tullahoma, TN


First week in Tullahoma was a good one! Hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years. I know I had a fun New Years. New Years Eve and New Years Day were both Pdays and a much needed break.

New Years day was an all day P-day and I had a great time with the Zone. We got to watch Toy Story 3! It is a really good movie. I always loved the Toy Story sagas. I think 3 is the funniest. We played LOTS of dodge ball, and LOTS of basketball, and of course the best part of the day was watching the movie. Our one movie we get to watch each year, well I guess technically we get to watch two, Christmas and New Years. But anyways it was a blast.

Yes, it was a shock to get transferred, but the new ward/area is great!

I think it is evenly spread out between old and young, unlike my last ward, where it was just old people. Our ward mission leader is awesome. He is a dentist, and very, very nice. His name is Brother Lynn. We ate dinner over there last night. His office is way cool too.

Hopefully I can send y’all some pictures here soon.

We start [church] at 9:00, but we have to be there at 7:30 for meetings, and we are the only ward that meets.
Yes, we do have our own washer and dryer...THANK’s nice. It’s more of a duplex, than an apartment. I like it much better than my last apartment that’s for sure. And we live in a pretty good neighborhood.

Elder Reeder is my District Leader...if you remember, I served with him in Sulphur Well. He was my first companion back, and I came out with him...this is my district’s last’s weird to think that they are going home in 4 weeks :/.

We are working with some really solid people here. I am excited. We have a lot of potentials that could be baptized this month. So things are really looking up here in Tullahoma.

The ward is good, investigators good, weather is EXTREMLY nice for this time of year, especially compared to last year this time, it was in the negatives...but I’m thankful for the great weather here.

I had the opportunity this morning during my studies to reflect on last year, and what I accomplished.
I actually did a lot last year. This year is going to be better.
My motto for this year...."2011 is going to be THE BEST EVER." So I am excited for the new year, a fresh start, and a lot of goals to accomplish before I go home.

Well, I think that’s it for this week.

Not much else new here, other than my new area that I like and my companion and I are getting along. Oh, interviews are in Murfreesboro on Thursday morning, so I am excited to be able to go back and see M'Boro.

Oh and relation to Nashville, it is south east, not sure how far out, but our area borders the Alabama border. Which I hope to go down to sometime and get my picture taken in front of "Welcome to Alabama".

We also have a full time car, and 1200 miles, which is really nice to have a fulltime car. :p

Well that’s it. Hope everyone is doing well, and having a great New Year!

HAPPY 2011

Hope y’all have a good week :D

-Elder Edgell

PS MOM.....I actually found shoes in my apartment, that are pretty much new and they fit :D"

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