Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Two Weeks in One

NOV. 15th
Hey everyone!

This past week was a great one. All the conferences were good.
Transfer info came, and as expected, E.Hamblin and I will both be staying. So we get to have Thanksgiving and Christmas together.
Speaking of Thanksgiving we are going over to a members home next week. Thank goodness it is an all day P-Day, looking forward to it, can't wait.
I just realized this morning, that this Thursday it will be two years ago exactly that I received my mission call.
Things are going well here. My companion has been sick the past couple of days, woke up on Saturday not feeling well at all, and stayed in bed Saturday and Sunday. I at least got to go with one of the other Spanish elders and went out and worked.
So I was spanglish for a day :D. Was interesting, but had a total of 7 lessons for the day, very very good day.
I went a little crazy yesterday, being by myself when Elder Hamblin was sleeping. I read lots of Ensign magazines, and lots of the BofM, and lots of PMG. But you can only study for so long. :/, so it will be nice to get out today and have some P-Day fun :D.

Elder Grow is awesome. He's a pretty funny guy. He counseled us to find families, and teach them. We actually got to teach a family last Thursday night. It went decent, we were told that they felt intimidated by questions, which we were just trying to get them involved. So its a good thing we know, that we are just going to have to teach them very simply.
But we are excited for whats going on.
Conference, like I said was good, learned lots, got to see Elder Lawrence again!!! It was good to see him again. 
We helped Samson with his house that he is renovating all day Friday. Taught him the plan of salvation on Saturday. Went good. Had more good questions. We set a soft date for Dec. 18th, we told him to pray about it, and he is going to.
We will hopefully see him tomorrow night, and teach him lesson 3, and read the BofM with him, because he is having a hard time understanding it. So keep Samson in your prayers for me :D.

Love each of you!

-Elder Edgell

NOV. 22
WOW! Can't believe its already thanksgiving week, and the weather here is beautiful!
It's been in the 60s and 70s and we hear it's supposed to be all this week :D, so we are excited for that.
This past week was a really good week. We taught 29 lessons! So overall it was a really good week.
Found 6 new people to teach. Samson is still doing well, he wasn't able to make it to church yesterday, but he came for the linger longer afterwards, and after that we taught him a little bit.
Committed him to read and pray about the BofM. We are also going to be going over with him the BofM so he can understand it.
I have resumed reading the NT, and started reading D&C. Exciting stuff in there. So I hope to have all completed by the end of the next 5 months, which is in about two weeks that I hit my 19th month mark!
Ahh! It's weird being the oldest missionary in the area! I guess I need to be the example too.

Other than that nothin really much is going on. Well, we found an awesome family this past week, taught them a first lesson and they were really excited about the gospel, at least learning new things. And then they called us yesterday morning to cancel the appointment we had set up with them for tonight. I asked why they wanted to cancel, and they said they talked to their pastor at their church and said that they feel it's not right for them to go down this path. It seemed like they were really interested in what we were teaching them, it was a really spiritual lesson for them too. But yeah, they dropped us like it's hot or so it's said...
Other than that people are progressing.
Working hard, teaching lots, and also having fun while I'm here.

Love each of you!

Go forward with faith.


Elder Edgell

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