Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cold and Wet But Doing Well. - November 8,2010

Hey Everyone!!

Hope everyone had a good week last week :D. My week was a pretty good one...good but very very cold and wet. Mostly just Wed-Saturday was cold and wet. Highs were in the mid 40s.

Last week was a better week than the previous. Things are moving slowly but surely here in Columbia. But other than being cold and wet, things are going very well. We found 4 new people to teach last week, and they are VERY receptive to the Gospel.

On Thursday we received a HQ referral from SLC. The guys name is Samson Su. He is Chinese, and has been in the USA for a little under 2 years. He is from Beijing area, and speaks EXCELLENT ENGLISH, he majored in it in school in China before he came over.He is very very receptive to the gospel. And the cool thing is he came to church yesterday!!!!!! And we have a sister in our ward also from china who has only been here for 6 months, he was able to translate the meeting for her, it was cool. I sat next to him and answered questions that he had....He mostly had questions about polygamy, but got it cleared up for him...hopefully :/. But it was awesome to see him walk in for church yesterday. He is already talking like he is a member. Like he says things why do people think "we are weird" or "Why are we called the Mormons.". Stuff like that, so we are very hopeful about him, and excited about him. We have another appointment with him tomorrow @ 100 at the church, and we are going to teach him the plan of salvation.

We were able to teach a lot last week, 3 of them members were present, so things are definitely picking up. 16 total lessons...things are low because of no car, at least that's what I think.

Friday we were able to go to Lewisburg to work there. Since we don't get a chance to go there very often, we were there from about 8 till 2. It was a long cold wet day, but little successes there, so we are only going to go there every other Friday. Good little small town, lots of PM families there, but we need a car or something to get there, and we are still with out a car :/. Hopefully Elder Hamblin will get his license sometime this week.

This week should be a good week. Zone Conference is this Thursday in Nashville. Elder Crow of the Seventy will be there. Excited for that, and it's combined with two other zones, old zone, Nashville and ours..Franklin. I'm excited about going back, because It's the same area that Bellevue is in and I will be able to see some members there hopefully that I knew, and get to see how the area is rebuilding from the flood that happened back in May.

So this week is going to be a good one, looking forward to ZC, and looking forward to being in Nashville again for the day.

Hope all is well with everyone :D. Looking forward to a good week.

Love yall

-Elder Edgell :D

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