Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Week Has Past

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone's past week was a great one! Ours wasn't that great, but we turned it around on Saturday. We were at only a whopping total of lessons of 6, and Saturday we tracted ALL DAY and walked all day! We found 5 new people to teach, most of those people are pretty solid. Handed out at least 8 Bof Ms in one day, it was probably one of the best finding days of my mission. It was truly amazing to be able to see the Lord's hand in our work this past week, as we were definitely able to see. Last Tuesday we had to stay in most of the day because of tornado watches/warnings all over the area and all through out TN. But we were safe, we just got REALLY HEAVY rain and wind, and lots of dark spooky clouds, captured some good video of it :D.

Wednesday, was another good DM(District Meeting). I went on exchanges with the Lawrenceburg Elders Wed-Fri. We had a good exchange. On Thursday I was able to go do service at a bakery that a member owned. We bagged food, priced it, and helped make rolls, it was really fun. I love all the home made stuff that you find out here, and all the home bakeries...the family feel. The only place that I can think of is Great Harvest Bread Co. that makes home made bread and stuff similar. That's one thing I am going to miss about out here, is all of those kind of stores.

But yeah Saturday was an amazing day, we met this girl, who's name is Ariana, she grew up in the church but is not a member, so we are excited to see where that goes...But the only bad thing about us finding all of these people is that they are like a few hundred yards outside of our area :/. Our border line is the Duck if you were to look at google maps, find the Duck River, and a street called 7th ave, and that's where we tracted. And you'll see how close it is to our area, they are letting us keep them unless they progress towards baptism, since it is pretty far out for the Spring Hill Elders to go to.

Halloween was a very very easy day. We had to be in by 600, so we were at church most of the day then came in and cleaned/did some planning....

Oh, word of advice...don't kneel on a glass table...bad news. But don't worry I just got cut up a bit on my knee. Could of been ALOT worse then it really was.

Things are moving well here. Clint hasn't been able to make it to church yet :/ but hopefully will this next week, the next couple of weeks is crucial for him to get baptized on the 26th. All of our other investigators are doing well too, but not much progress yet. But it will come. I can't believe it is November already, and two weeks from today I think it will be a year since I had my car accident...Time sure does fly, and your right especially when you are busy. This past week flew by way to fast :/. But taking it all in, while I'm still a missionary, because whether I'm ready for it or not it will be here before I know it.

But other than that things are going very well, looking forward to this week, it should be a good one. We are going to a town called Lewisburg TN this Friday to do some work there, a town that we cover, but rarley get to go there, because of miles, so we are excited we get to go there and work this week...wish us luck :D. Well, I think that's it for this week.



Elder Edgell :D

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