Monday, May 3, 2010

Rains came down and the floods came up

Here's today's update. They are coming in little chunks as I quickly email back to ask questions.I am thankful he was able to let us know they are safe. He just sent another little update and said they did not drive through any water. :-)

"Hey mom just a quick email today, I am actually emailing from best buy
since all the libraries are closed....anyways all missionaries are
accounted for. We are safe. We have had a lot of flooding, and that
road you saw on the news is in our area...we drove on it's
a mess...I have pictures but probably won't get them to you till tmrw.
But I am safe. I will get to email more tmrw, just thought we would
send a quick email to you and let you know that we are safe....
I will email more tomorrow hopefully
But if not I will talk with y'all Sunday.
Elder Edgell"

"We live next to i40 and it was stand still till this morning and
all the truck drivers are parked on it resting. I have some amazing is basically a truck stop now....but yeah we do have
some flooding down the road from our apt...we had to stay in all
yesterday and church was's good to get out of the
This new ipad thing is cool...that's how I'm emailing...thank
goodness for Best Buy and wifi."

" We will most likely be helping people out today and tomorrow because a lot of people in our ward had to evacuate and someone actually called us today for help because their apartment is flooded."

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