Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bumps on the Head and Growing Experiences

We had just received Elder Edgell's email on the 16th of November and all was well. Then on Tuesday evening, Nov. 17th, I received a phone call from Mission President - my first thought when I saw Tennessee Mission on caller ID was "Oh no, what happened to his knee since yesterday".
Well, it wasn't his knee this time - Elder Edgell had his first accident - and as he put it "My first car accident had to be on my mission". He was knocked out for a moment. Thankfully he only suffered a mild concussion and is sore and his companion had no injuries at all. Also, no other cars were on the road at that time. Blessings, blessings!
What happened? Elder Edgell and Elder Tanner were heading out for the day and roads were wet. They came to a curve and when Tim slowed for it - the truck didn't  - it slid into the right guardrail and then back over to the left guard rail. Here's the damage to truck - ouch!

Tim doesn't remember the accident. Only leaving the apartment then being in the ambulance.
He has continued to have headaches but that is normal with a concussion.
So November 17th will be a memorable day for those Elders.

As for the mission work - it continues albeit slower lately. Hopefully by our next update, he'll be back to normal. This shook him up quite a bit and has knocked him down. I am confident he will be blessed to heal quickly and move "Onward, ever onward".

They had a lunch/dinner appointment for Thanksgiving Day so I'm sure they enjoyed the day.
It is a blessing to know that the folks down there in Kentucky are taking good care of the missionaries.

Until next time...

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