Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Hunting

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Nov. 16, 2009

" Howdy!

Hey ya'll! Phew, what a busy past week. Zone Conference, and some other meetings.
First of all , Zone Conference was AMAZING! Elder Arnold, quorum of the seventy member taught us. It was really spiritual and inspiring. He is such a powerful teacher. We learned how to be better missionaries, and how we can improve, and what we can work on, and better contacting skills, which has worked a lot this past week in our mission.

We have a new skill that our mission has worked on that our zone is calling the "Jackhammer". You invite someone to be baptized right on the door step. We have yet to try it, but we have tried it in our lessons with our investigators this past week. And so far one accepted a baptismal date for the 29th!!!!!

When me and my comp were looking through past teaching records we flipped through this one, and felt very strongly that we needed to go see her. We saw her last Thursday and she was so excited to see us. She told us that she had been taught by missionaries about a year ago and had been praying and wondering when we were going to come back. She also told us that she had been kicking herself for not getting baptized when the missionaries had taught her a year ago. We didn't set the date on Thursday but went back on Saturday.

We got there on Saturday and she told us that she was begining to think that we forgot about her, but right when she thought that we knocked on the door. She was super excited about it. We talked with her awhile, and she started to break down and cry and started saying," I can't believe I have put this off for this long. I need to change." Then she asked us what can she do...well of course we read with her part of Mosiah 18, the part about baptism...and she said I know I need to do that. So we set the date right then and there, and she was more then willing to accept. It was such an amazing experience, the spirit was super strong. We committed her to attend church and she wanted to go. Well she didn't go to church :( so we went by her house after church and tried to see her, but she wasn't there...well she was but not answering the door. We feel that something is wrong with her, because she has been really, really sick for a long time, so if ya’ll could remember Juanita Janes in your prayers that would be great.

We have had a ton of experiences like that this past week. Found 8 new people to teach, including two families, which I'm excited about.

It actually was BEAUTIFUL all week long, not a drop of rain. :) I heard that there was some flooding going on from Ida. I heard it was supposed to rain here tomorrow and Wednesday.

Oh speaking of hunting, it was the official start of deer hunting this past weekend! So we will most likely be getting some deer meat, which I love. It is really good.

Well, I reckon that's all for this week. Hope everyone has a fantastic week this week. Thanks for ya’lls support and keep doin what your doin

Love yall

Elder Edgell "

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Rachelle said...

What an inspiring story you shared about finding Juanita Janes. I hope things work out with her. We'll remember to pray for her. Take care and have a great Thanksgiving!

Sister Black