Monday, November 30, 2009

Work and service makes life better

Good news! Our missionary has recovered and is doing much better. Unfortunately the truck hasn't faired so well.
Here's the latest from Elder Edgell. By the way, who said it wasn't a foreign language mission? :-)

"30 November 2009
Hey yall!
Hows it goin? Glad to hear ya'll had a good Thanksgiving. We also had a good one here. LOTS of food, and LOTS of left overs too, best part I think. Played some football, and basketball as well, so we had a good time, and hung out with members all day since it was an all day p-day.

Gosh I can't believe it's pretty much December, I'll be calling home in three weeks!

I'm doing better than I was last week. Just losing myself in the work, and it truly does help when you do that.

We have had some really nice days the past couple, but now its rainy and cold. Probably will be like that the rest of the week.

The branch here has been taking GOOD care of us, in giving us rides and dinners.

The adjuster is coming out today to look at the truck to decide if they will trash it or fix it. We think they're going to trash it probably because it's 15grand worth of damage :/.

Two more weeks left of the transfer and I will most likely be getting transfered because I have been here for 5 months, but I guess we will find out in two weeks.

Hows the ward doing? Hope they are doing good.

Juanita, well we haven't had contact with her in over a week :/ Not sure what is going on with her, I think its because of her health and she starts chemo this week, so she will be in and out of hospitals all week, so hopefully we will be able to catch her at home tommorow when we go.

We had a really good week last week, much better than past weeks. Our district met our goals for the month! whoot!
Thanks to the senior couple. They have been rippin it up in Thompkinsville.

We have Zone Conference again this week down in Bowling Green. It should be good, and hopefully we will have our new car brought to us. We are also getting a new Zone Leader today! The Zone kinda was in a somewhat open rebellion against one of them, and no one really liked him   (sad I know) so he is getting ETed ( emergency transferred) today and we have a new ZL. Ahhh the life of a missionary, what can ya do?

Glad to hear the Gators finished what they set out to do, I just realized they haven't lost since the Ole Miss game last year, wow! Tebow is really determined. The SEC championship game is this weekend right?
If they win, I will be expecting a shirt come Christmas time :)

Speaking of Christmas, just tell people I need, ties, belt, socks etc...the norm of missionary clothes. I heard that there was a missionary calendar...I would like one if you could find it. It's pretty cool, I've seen it before.

I've lost about 10lbs since we have been walking all the time :). so that's good news.

Oh I got your box you sent. THANKS! Well I recon that's all for this week.

Love yall

Elder Edgell "

p.s. 6 month tie burning, looks like more than ties being burnt.

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