Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Live From Murfreesboro TN


SR=Stones River I ward...T3=Transfer 3 :D

Hello, and welcome to the SR1 Channell T3 weekly news report from Murfreesboro TN!

Welcome to another weekly news report live from Murfreesboro TN. We have confirmation that Elder Lawrence and I will be staying another transfer. Reports have it that this is will be the 2nd time EVER that a companionship in the Tennessee Nashville Mission has stayed for 4 1/2 months together. I am excited and ready to go.

Lets head over to the Missionary Report desk for this past week's top stories......

This just in: Mario Evans accepted a baptismal date for October 23rd! But due to lack of church attendance we have to push it back to Halloween weekend.

It was a excellent week. Our numbers were low, but that is expected for General Conference week. Still trying to get a hold of all of our other investigators, but things are looking up for us. Taught a total of 17 lessons :/, low, but this week will be better.

We had a Special meeting in McMinville last Tuesday. It was really good, got a chance to see Elder Dean again before he goes home this week :(...but oh well. It was about accountability/obedience, and how to set baptismal dates..lots of role play.. We also took a test, because the zone has been working on becoming CH.3 missionary masters...Ch. 3 for those of you who don't know is where the lessons that we teach can be found :D. Not sure how we all did yet, but hopefully we will find out soon. I'm curious to see how we did. When I was taking the test it reminded me of school again :D.

General Conference Report:

General Conference was awesome..I really like Hollands talk on the Saturday morning session. All of Uchtdorf's talks were also good, and he is a pretty funny guy :D. I really enjoyed priesthood session as well. It was weird when they asked for all the full time missionaries to stand. At least it was for me, still for some reason getting used to it even though I should be used to it by now. I guess it's just cool whenever people recognize you as one in a meeting like that. Yesterday's sessions were really good. I enjoyed Ballards talk most I think.

If you remember a while ago..last october Elder Arnold (who spoke yesterday) came to our mission, and I got to meet him, his talk was alright, very spiritual. I forgot how funny President Monson is, and Uchtdorf. I am glad that they have a good sense of humor. So yeah I really enjoyed conference, after the priesthood session a member took us out for some ice cream :D A place called Marble Slab...almost exactly like Cold Stone, but Cold Stone is ALOT better.

We had dinner at the Helle's on Friday night (part member family). We are getting to know them very well, which is good. We also found out some of Bro. Helle's hold ups. Iced Tea...doesn't suprise me about that one, but that will be easy to overcome. They are doing well. I hope they watched conference. He had drill SAT/SUNDAY...he is in the Army. So I'm not sure if he had a chance to listen to it, but hopefully he was able to.

Yes I was able to get my camera..and yes it works...I actually like it alot better than my last one, its really nice. THANKS! :D. Overall we have had a good week...Lots to catch up this week. Yeah I heard about the Gator game :/..maybe we can meet them in the SEC Championship game this year and actually win. I hope everyone has had a great week, and thanks for your prayers and support. They are greatly appreciated :D

Love yall.

Elder Edgell

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