Monday, September 20, 2010

Answers to Prayers and Miracles

Hey everyone!

How has everyone's week been? Hope its been a good one!

Ours was AMAZING! Lots of miracles, and lots of new investigators, and lots and lots of lessons. I have definitely seen the power of prayer work this past week. We had a goal of 40 total lessons. Through hard work and diligence we achieved our goal..we actually got 1 over our goal...we taught 41 lessons this week, found 8 new investigators and had a wonderful week! We taught 9 lessons yesterday in one day! We doubled our lessons Saturday and Sunday! We are going for 40 again this week, in hopes to reach 45. I know its possible after the amazing week we had this past week. We are working hard, and seeing direct blessings from being obedient and being diligent in the work.

With reaching our goal of over 40 lessons I have learned alot this past week. Overall it has been a really good week. There were really no down days, well except Saturday, E.Lawrence got sick, and we had to be in all afternoon. Luckily he felt better the last hour, so we were able to work hard that last hour, finding 3 new investigators and teaching 3 lessons.

This ward also is really stepping up to the plate. They have been really helpful. We have had splits almost every day for the past two weeks, and it has been a definite help in our efforts to finding people and baptizing.

Our Zone goal for baptisms next month is 40, and I think that we are going to do it in October.

We are teaching alot of PM families. We are working with one who just came back from Iraq. We had dinner with them last Friday. We offered him to take the lessons, and he said he will think about it. So please pray for Jack Helle. We are hoping that we will be able to baptize him if not this month then next month in October. But we are looking good and improving a whole TON!

Its week 5 of transfers so it should be interesting to see if any of us leave. We have both been here for 3 months. I wouldn't mind staying with E.Lawrence another transfer. The only thing that bugs me is his snoring! ugh, so loud. :D But I handle it.

This next week should be a really good week, nothing out of the normal. No meetings, other then the normal district meeting on Wednesday. So it should be a really good week, looking forward to it.

We are going over to a less actives home tonight for FHE, and we are going to teach them a first lesson. The wife is active, but her husband is less active, and we are going to start teaching him in hopes to help him get active again. We are working with alot of less actives in this area, probably the most I have ever worked with on my mission. It is hard, but hopefully people will start turning to the Lord, and realizing what they are missing out on.

Oh, update on Mario Evans...nothing too much is going on there, we have an appointment with him at 5:30 this evening so please pray that he will be there and that we will be able to teach him and get him to church.

Other than that we are still trying to get a hold of all of our investigators. Well...hmmm that's the update on the work here. Going up very fast. :D

I am doing good...working hard, and praying/teaching lots :D.

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC WEEK! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D



-Elder Tim

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