Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All is well in the Boro

Hey ya'll!
How is everyone doin? This past week was a really good week. With it being Labor day yesterday we had to wait a day to email :(. Hope no one missed my emails too much yesterday :).

We taught 30 lessons this past week! and look to exceed over 30 this week. The members are really picking up the slack here, after our stake presidency kind of nicely rebuked everyone for not doing missionary work.

Great things are happening in the Macminnvile(also known as Macminnvulle,or so the people here call it that) zone. We have splits every night this week..well Tues-Sunday, which that will put our lessons up a TON...I expect around 35-40 lessons this week.

Our goal for this week is to teach 35, and we WILL reach our goal. Everything is going good here in the BORO.

Lets see..Oh we found a way sweet solid investigator on Saturday. He is actually a referral that we got from the Smyrna Elders on Friday and went and saw him Saturday afternoon. It went good. We read 3Nephi chapter 11, and he loved it. Particularly verses 5 &11. We plan on setting a baptismal date with him on Wednesday night, hope it goes well. I won't be there because I am going on exchanges with the District Leader in Blackman from Wed-Fri morning.

His name is Mario Evans. Father of 5 children, trying to provide for his family and his wife. He was going to come to church this Sunday, but his wife got sick and he had to stay home and take care of her and the 5 kids. Hopefully his wife is doing better so that they all can come to church this next Sunday.

Church was really good on Sunday. Long day being fast Sunday, and having church at 1:00. But I survived, it made everything better when we went to the Kailiponi's on Sunday evening for dinner. You will be proud of me...I ate fish! a really good Hawaiian dish that they made. OH, and something I have come to love since being on my mission...tomatoes! They are sooo good :D. You can now say I told ya so :D.

I also taught part of FHE on Sunday night, since Sis. Kailiponi asked me too. It went really good. I can now say I am not afraid of speaking to large groups of people. I still get nervous, but not as nervous as I used to get. :D.

Things are going well here. Hope things are going well back home for everyone!

Oh, I had the chance to watch a little bit of Tebow play against the vikings...he looked pretty good(we were in a store yesterday that was replaying the game :D) He looks weird with his beard, but looked like a pro. It was good to watch him play again. :D

Hope everyone has a good week.

Love you bunches :D

Love yall


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