Monday, March 22, 2010

Marvelous Work and Wonder

Here's a few blips (is that really a word?) from Elder Edgell's update today.

"We are supposed to be getting some snow, I heard. It already snowed a little bit this morning, but just a little flurry, it’s so weird, because Saturday we were sweating, and it was about 70, but we are supposed to be getting some today, hopefully not though.

I had the opportunity to confirm Ariana yesterday and that was AWESOME! Oh and to answer your question if she has been taught in a members home, yes, because her parents DON’T like the church

The Lord has definitely been blessing this area since I first got here. M'Boro was "Dry"(according to President) for about a year. They saw their first baptism in over a year like the first week I got here. And it has been improving ever since. President is thinking of putting another set here because of all the work that is going on. We actually SET A DATE yesterday also! With Michael Perry, if you remember him at all. For April 25th. We have 4 future dates as of right now, and 5 as a district, we are truly seeing blessings from the Lord. Actually this is the most blessings I have ever seen in my entire life. It really is amazing. We were low for this area last week in lessons, we only had 21. We average about 24-26 a week, and that is above average for the mission.

We had interviews with president on Saturday at our apartment. They went very well, and he continues to be amazed at the wonderful work that has been going on here in M'Boro. He told me this morning when he called us back that he was impressed with me and how much he respects me for doing what I have done here. I am trying to be really humble with all of this, because with this much praise, you kinda get in it, and become prideful as Elder Johnson and I learned a few weeks ago. But as I have learned how to be humble, you have to thank the Lord every single time you get, because if you don't the Lord will stop blessing you and teach you a thing or two.

I know that prayer truly does work. I have seen it work in my life as I have been on my mission and have seen it work in other people's life as well. It truly is amazing when you exercise faith and pray. I can definitely testify to that since I have been here in M'Boro. Just know that Heavenly Father knows each of us personally, and loves us, he will help us as long as we keep our covenants that we have made with Him.

Know that I love each of you and thank you for your support. I have grown so much since being on my mission;, spiritually, mentally, and physically."

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