Monday, January 11, 2010

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow,Let it Snow and let us freeze our tooshies off "

"Hello from freezing cold Tennessee.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, and let us freeze our tooshies off :)

This past week has been a REALLY cold one. It never broke the 20's. At the begining of last week it stayed in the low 20s and teens, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all highs of about 20-22, with alot of snow. Thursday-Saturday it snowed alot, but none of it stuck, we got about 2 inches,maybe if that. But we did stay warm, and I am thankfull that we had the car this week, except Thursday. We had to walk that day. Those handwarmers are definitely much appreciated and work VERY well.

GOOD NEWS! We had a baptism on FRIDAY!!!!! The baptism of Brother Derek Wagner. It was a nice baptismal service. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. The spirit was definitley there. Even though he had to be baptized twice, but hey he's extra clean now :). There were a lot of people there and many non-members.

(Elder Edgell, Brother Fujita, Brother Wagner and Elder Campbell)

We have had an interesting week. I have been on exchanges in the Stones River area for about 4 days, because one of the companions had to go home due to illness reasons. I returned to the Murfreesboro area on Wednesday after District Meeting. It's good to be back. The Elder that replaced me there is Elder Bytheway, yes he is related to the John Bytheway, but not quite sure how.

We found a pretty sweet family that we are now working with. Their names are Anna and Samuel. Nice black family that attends the Church of Christ. They are really open and really interested. They didn't come to church yesterday, but hopefully they will this coming week.

Speaking of Church of Christ, Elder Perry and I went to a Church of Christ Bible Study on Wednesday night. They were all surprisingly really nice to us, and it was a good sermon. They were talking about the difference between Christians and the World. Everything was pretty much true doctrine, but of course they don't have the fullness of it. We gotta new investigator out of it, well kinda, one of the guys there have met with missionaries before and wants us to stop by sometime.

But all in all other than freezing our bums off we had a really good week.

This Wednesday we have Zone Conference up in Smyrna, about 20 minutes away from us. That should be good. I'm excited for it. Nothing too exciting here other than the baptism and the unusual cold winter the south is experiencing. This is the coldest winter TN has ever seen so far, or at least in the past 20 years or so.

Hope it warms up for yall soon, and hope you are all safe.

Love each of you, and thank you for your love and support you show me.

-Elder Edgell."

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