Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End and Beginning

Here's the update from last two weeks.
By the way, I've heard they speak a whole different language there in Murfreesboro area.

December 28, 2009

Hello from Murfreesboro Tennessee!

Well ,it was good to talk with everyone on Christmas. Sounds like everyone is doing good.

I am training! Yup, got the call this morning from President, and the "greenie"(new missionary) will be here tonight sometime. I'm excited!

Elder Campbell will be staying so we will be in a "tri-companionship." The "Greennie" is also a visa waiter, going to Brazil, so who knows how long he will be here, but I will love my "son" as it is called here in the mission. I find it funny because Elder Campbell and I were just talking about this last night, about how cool it would be able to train. When President called this morning, at first I thought I was being "ET'ed (Emergency transfered) but nope. YAY!!!!

January 4th, 2010
Hello from cold cold cold Murfreesboro TN!
Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve. Happy 2010!
We had a pretty good week last week, and we also had a safe New Years Eve.

My new companion arrived here safely too last Monday. He's adapting well to being out in the mission field. He is from Oakland California. Well just outside of the Oakland area.

Congrats to KRISTA!!! Hope Nicole makes it safely to her new world, a cold one indeed. How are the rest of the mommies to be doing? Well I guess it's just Diana now, right?

Our Zone P-Day was fun. Played basketball all day, some dodgeball, and got to watch our movie. We watched Ratatouille. Other than being really sore, from playing b-ball all day, we had a safe fun time. (Editor's Note: The Elder in middle with basketball is Elder Osmond, of The Osmond Family)

I can see why mom doesnt like to drive out on New Years Eve, there are some nutty people out there.

One of the Elders in our District had to be sent home because of illness reasons, and I had to drive down to Nashville with another Elder (well, not me driving of course :)) and I never want to be out on the roads again on New Years Eve. I now understand.

We did ALOT of finding last week. Got 10 new people to teach last Tuesday, and that was really well. A family and a lot of humble people. We are using a new tactic. We are still carrying around the Book of Mormons, but now we are carrying the Bible as well. It works surprisingly. That's how we got our first few investigators in the morning.

Biking is really really not fun in the cold. It hasn't broken 30 degrees this weekend at all. Just a few snow flurries here and there. The highest it's going to get is 38, and that's warm compared to the past few days. The high today is going to be around 27 or 28, and its about 26 right now.....brrrrr, plus the wind chill factor.

People are saying that there's supposed to be a pretty big snow storm here comin Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So I plan on going to buy a new jacket, because the one I have now is meant for just cool weather, not 22 deegree weather.

We are doing fine here in Murfreesboro. I've been on exchanges with Elder Porter. He hasn't had a companion since Thursday. He is finally getting a new companion tommorow.

Hope everyone has a good week, and tell Nicole Uncle Tim says hi!! :)

Love yall

P.S. I will send some pictures

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