Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue :)

Here's the latest...

"Happy belated Columbus Day everyone!
GO GATORS! I actually found out last night while we were eating at Subway.
First district meeting was okay, not the greatest but improvements can and will be made :).
My companion is from San Diego, California, Vista area, if any of you are familiar with that area, he sounds like he's from Boston area though, its cool. We are getting along great, and teaching and working hard.
Yesterday we went what we call trash tracting up here. One of our members has a trash route that the past missionaries used to go on, and thought that we would start that up again. :). Also yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch with some members and picked some pumpkins, I have pictures, but will have to send them next week, I had a good time.

We had an 8 year old baptism also on Sunday afternoon, it was awesome. My talk went pretty decent, considering I only had a few tools to use, PMG, and old Ensigns. But it was pretty good.

I'm actually in Ether 6 now. Only because I have alot of time to read during personal study and every night for a while.
We are on exchanges right now with the Zone Leaders. They're awesome and we having a good time.
This week is gonna be a pretty good week. Tommorow we have to go down to Bowling Green for Zone Conference and have to take the truck for monthy car inspections. Should be a good ZC.

We only have a few people that we are teaching right now that are actually really interested. One, James Hines, who we are going to go see after we are done emailing, is an awesome guy. He loves the BofM and the gospel. We plan on setting a baptism date with him if not today then this week.
Martha, who still is struggling with depression and other things, has a baptism date for this Sunday if all goes well this week.
John and Nicole, a family we tracted into, have two little kids. Nicole is really interested, and told us last night that she has been looking for something more and a church that holds the truth. So we know that she will be ready. She struggles with why good people die and why God would take them from their family and kids.
But other then that they are pretty awesome, and of course they smoke, like everyone does here. Hmmm, well I think that's it for this week. It's pretty rainy outside, and cold.
Oh, the trees are BEAUTIFUL here, it looks amazing out here, I love it.

Love you all, keep up the good work

Elder Edgell"

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