Friday, October 9, 2009

Catching Up

Finally! Here are the past 3 week updates from Elder Edgell. I will try and do better in the future but not making any promises. :-) ENJOY!

From September 21st:
"We set two baptism dates this weekend!! One with Martha Poynter and another with Rhonda, who we've been seeing for a while now. The dates are for October 4th and October 25.
They were really good lessons.
We taught Rhonda the 2nd lesson (Plan of Salvation) and she was excited to learn it.
During the lesson the spirit was so strong. She has been going through difficult times. She and her husband are separated. Please remember her in your prayers. The only thing holding her back is that she smokes and drinks coffee but she wants to stop. She has the desire, so I know she will be able to stop..
Martha is a sweet lady. We tracted into her a few weeks ago. We taught her the 1st lesson and she understood everything and the importance of being baptized by the proper authority.
It's amazing how well you can teach with the spirit, and how everything you've learned can come to you when you do have it with you.
This past week was a good one. We found ALOT of new people to teach, which is good.
Last Tuesday we went to Zone Conference down in Goodletsville, TN. It was good. Transfers are tomorrow and I'm staying, so is Elder Reeder.
The work here is progressing. People down in the Glasgow area want us to teach a lot of people there. They don't have missionaries down there yet.  So we have a few potential baptism dates there, which I am excited about. Seems like all we do is tract so it will be nice to finally teach people. Tracting (door to door) isn't bad, but I'd rather teach people.
Glad to hear Florida won. I actually haven't heard yet, so that's good news. :-)
Friday night we had the opportunity to go to a high school football game:-) It was good watching it again. One of our members was in the halftime show since it was homecoming, so we decided we would go. We left in the fourth quarter.
Saturday afternoon we went to what's called Cow Days down in Greensburg. It was like the watermelon festival that we went to. It reminded me of when Burke would have that festival things they did in the fall. There's another one in October in Edmonton calld the Pumpkin Festival.
It's a rainy day today, so I'm snot sure what we are doing to do for P-Day. Probably write letters and do some laundry. Maybe hit some golf balls.
Speaking of golf, I've gotten really good, ha ha! We hit golf balls a lot because a member had old clubs, and a ton of balls so she gave some to us. There are some good open fields to hit them here.
Till next week.
I love you all. Keep up the good work!
Love your missionary in Kentucky
Elder Edgell ! ! !  :-) "

Monday, September 28th :

"Hey!! It's so beautiful today. Nice and cool. Not a cloud in the sky :-) .
Yes. I did hear about the Gator game.(Florida vs. Kentucky) Everyone of course was watching it so really couldn't get away from it. I did happen to see the sack on Teebow when we visited a member on Saturday night. My heart dropped when I didn't see him moving, and was relieved to see him get up. Hope he is doing better.
When we were going to a former investigators  house we saw a tank in front of an old Veterans of War place so we decided to stop and take pictures. When we were taking pictures we saw some people cooking out down near a warehouse. They offered us some food (shoulder, it's really really good). They were getting ready to listen to the game, so we ate and listened to game with them.

It pretty much rained all day on Saturday, but we still had success. We found a  few more people to teach who seemed interested.
Last week was pretty busy. We had interviews on Thursday down in Bowling Green, they went pretty well.
Wednesday we went "church hopping". Well really only to one church, the Church of God. It was strange to be there since it was my first church I have been to outside ours. We plan on doing this to get to know the pastors/preachers of the area and  hopefully get to know them enough where they start to trust us and we can help them with service.
This week is going to be a pretty good week. We have another walking day tommorrow.

I'm excited for General Conference this week. Can't wait!
The branch here is starting to open more to helping us, which is good and means they trust us. President Hutchings is really close with the members up here, and he said he has heard nothing but good things about us.
We have milk straight from the utters of a cow :) Our members are now starting to give us milk from their cows. It's actually really good.
Everything is good over here in Kentucky. Our investigators are diong well, progressing slowly but we are working with each and every one of them. We finished teaching an 8 year old and he's going to get baptized on October 11th. As of now we have 3 possibly 4 baptisms set for October.
The work continues, we work hard, and do our best to be strickly obedient. Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming.

Love you all!!
Till next week
-Elder Edgell "

October 5, 2009

"Good morning!!!!!!!
General Conference was AWESOME! My favorite was Elder Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon.
I also enjoyed the music. I liked the Aaronic Priesthood choir that sang at Priesthood session. It was funny to hear the young boys sing.
All the talks were good and I got that it was about being better examples and disciples of Christ.

It's been a pretty crazy weekend/day already. I have a new companion. Elder Tanner.

He got ET'd (emergency transferred) this morning. He and his comp didn't get along too well, so President Hutchings thought it would be best to get them separated. That means President Hutchings trusts Elder Reeder and I to be a good example to them, so they can get working again.
I woke up at 5:00 this morning because the assistants brought my new companion at 5:30.
So I am the new District Leader and senior companion. I have no ideas what I'm doing but I'm sure I'll do fine. It's kinda fun being the senior comp because I get to drive the truck around. :) The only bad thing is I sorta kinda know my way around. I'll be fine.

We are healthy, but the swine flu has been REALLY bad here. They had to close down one of the school systems here because it got so bad. They all ahve fall break this weekend, so hopefully it doesn't spread too much.

This past week has been a good one. Not to much success in finding people, but I know that with diligence and hard work we will be able to find people whom the Lord has prepared.

It's going to be a busy week. Preparing a talk for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. The talk is on Strickly Obeying the Commandments of God. I also am preparing for our district meeting on Wednesday.
We have been doing a lot of service lately. Last week we cleaned up a fire station. It was really dirty. Then we bailed hay. Pretty fun. We are finding more and more service to do in the community.
I think I told you last week we have been going to different churches in community to see if they need any service done. Not much luck with that, but at least we are getting out and known by the people of the community.

That's all for this week.
Love you all...   "

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