Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back and loving it!

August 17th -“It’s great to be back! We had an amazing first week together. I forgot how awesome it was to be a missionary.

Sulphur Well is awesome. Really SMALL town, smaller than Interlachen (FL). Only has the famous Lighthouse Restaurant and another tiny store, and that’s about it. The nearest Walmart is about 25 minutes away. Lots of Amish people out here, pretty cool I think.

Sulphur Well is famous for that Lighthouse Restaurant and an actual well. That’s why the town is called Sulphur Well. It’s tradition for new missionaries to drink from the well, which I got to do. Let just say it’s not the best water in town.

Everyone knows everybody out here. It seems like one way or another they are all related too.

I’ve always wanted to live in a small town like this and now I get my chance too. I love it. Our apartment is really cool. It’s the old church’s gym. They built it for the missionaries. It is right across from the current church building. We also live right next to a graveyard.

We have a pet spider who lives in a HUGE spider web right outside our door. We’ve named her Charlotte.

Tobacco and corn are some of the main crops here. Everyone owns a farm here and have some type of cattle or crop.

I ate possum last night for dinner. (surprisingly really good) It was possum and regular beef on the kabob. Everything we ate was from their farm.

We had a really good week last week. My first night there we taught an investigator name Daniel Curry. We taught him how to pray. He knew how, but wasn’t really sure and he told us he was nervous. We gave him encouragement and he prayed for us. It was awesome! You could really feel the spirit. We then took him to the church and gave him a tour. We taught him the 2nd lesson, Plan of Salvation. A little background on Daniel – Daniel’s brother was baptized into the church about 6 months before he died. Daniel has been curious about the church since then. He really loved the Plan of Salvation lesson and has set a baptism date for August 30th. He has a “chewing” problem,(a lot of that out here) so will have to overcome that before baptism. Please pray for him.

We had a cool experience on Wednesday. We had been tracting (knocking on doors) for about 5 hours in Edmonton, wanting to find a family to teach and were debating whether we should head back to Sulphur Well. We had forgotten our phone at the apartment, which is like death if you have no phone. We were heading back to the truck and we walked pass a house and heard little kids crying. We were like, YES! That’s the house, so we knocked on the door. A woman answered and told us to come back in 10 minutes because it was so hectic right then. Our door approach was the plan of salvation and how our families can be together forever. She said the she was really touched by what we said, and in shock because she and her husband have been having marriage problems and were looking for a church and a way to strengthen their family. Please keep them in your prayers. It was such an amazing experience. I have had so many like this, how the spirit guides us to people who are the “Elect”.

I finally get to serve around Elder Osmond and Elder Boswell. They are our zone leaders. We cover the areas of Edmonton, Adair County and Columbia, KY. They are all small areas.

Our mission is really close to the 100 goal.”

A little history of Sulphur Well, Kentucky:

A few years before the Civil War a man named Ezekeal Neal owning about 300 acres of land lying along either side of the South Fork of Little Barren River decided to drill for salt on the river bank. Instead of salt, he tapped a wonderful stream of water of great medicinal value – a combination of sulphur, magnesium, salt and iron, so proportioned that it is very pleasant to the taste. Naturally artesian, unaffected by cold, heat, rain or drought, it has been flowing incessantly for nearly a century. From this well the village received its name.

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