Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tornadoes and Blessings

My week has been good, my knee doesn't hurt as bad as it did last week, the pain isn't as intense as it has been. (Blessings from prayers and fasting)
Sis Hutchings is going to make me an appt some time this week.
Sorry I didn't write on Monday, our PDAY was changed from then till today, because our President wanted us to focus on 100 baptisms for the month of March, which we were short about 10. (90 is good)
Oh, and if yall watched the news, there was some pretty wicked weather that passed through here on Saturday, tornado warnings and tornados. We are fine and safe. It was cool. We heard the warning sirens go off...kinda scary too, first time I've heard them. We were in eating dinner with a member, but I could hear a little bit of them. (Tim LOVES a good storm)

To answer your questions:

#1. We do have a washer and dryer in our apartment. ( life is easy)
#2. No. We are not riding bikes, my companion's is broken, and he doesn't like riding bikes. (lucky to have a car - when knee is heeled get out there on those bikes)
#3. It is just me and my companion in our apartment
#4. Haven't been to the Temple yet, but should be going in May. Cant wait!!
#5. Schedule on P-Days, well it starts out like every day, but at 10 we can do whatever we need to do, wash car, clean apartment, laundry, write letters.

Today we are going to Nashville!!! I'm so excited, and the Lord has blessed us with beautiful weather. (Maybe he'll get to share the gospel and BoM with Tim and Faith)

We had one baptism this weekend, it was an 8 yr old baptism. I will try and write about it next week, gotta go. (Keep pressing forward and have faith - the others will follow soon)

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