Monday, March 16, 2009

Service and Teaching; March 3 - 9

The place I live in is a very nice apartment complex. We live in the bottom level. I like it, it already feels like home.

Our ward is small, well it’s a branch, but I kinda like it being small, because I already know pretty much everyone. They are all so nice here.

Yesterday we had Zone Conference all day in Nashville. It was awesome, we mostly focused on obedience, and the blessings of it.

It was really warm all week...Elder Ragle hates the cold....this morning when we were going to workout, he thought it was was at least 56, and beautiful! I love this weather.

Last week we did some yard work for a less active sister in the ward. It was fun. She had a ton of cool stuff in her garage. Her ex- husband used to work on cars, and Elder Ragle loved it because he's a mechanic (diesel engines). There were a lot of car parts, and old stuff, it was cool.

Last Friday we got a referral from someone to go and teach this kid named Luke. He's 18. Last year his dad and step dad died all in one month. I was able to relate to him and it was easier to teach him, because I knew where he was coming from. He had done a lot of drugs, but after his dad and step dad died, he straightened up, and started going to church.We taught him the plan of salvation. He’s so excited..he wanted us to come back the next day...I wish we could of but we are going back this Saturday.

Our mission is striving for 100 baptisms this month. I think we have at least 102 dates, but most will fall through, which stinks, but we keep on praying for it.

During Zone Conference they sang to me and a group of elders who had birthdays in March, which was cool, but your birthdays are just another day.

Oh, I did get the box, and thankyou!!! I was going to ask you last week if you could send me Girl Scout read my mind! :D

After Zone Conference, we cleaned out a crackhouse! Oh the joys of being a missionary....the person who we helped out had been renting out the place and the people who lived there were druggies and really messed up the place. ALOT. I wish I would of taken pictures but didn’t have my camera with me. All the walls had holes in them. They left their car and they had a dirt bike in the back yard, and still worked, so if you want a dirt bike you can go get one. Just kidding. There were beer bottles was gross...but we helped the guy out, and taught him pretty much the 1st lesson afterwards too. Don’t worry I’m safe and sound.

I’m doing well, and working hard, and love the people...they are such hard workers, and they have great faith...keep praying for us, we need it so we can get 100!

Love ya'll, Elder Edgell

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