Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 8th

March 8, 2010

"Hey everyone!


First of all, Elder Johnson and I are both staying here in Murfreesboro, and I'm still district Leader. So that's that. Prayers are definitely answered because I wanted to see Ariana get baptized this week, so I'm excited. And I get to see everyone else get baptized as well.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes so far. And for once it’s not snowing around my birthday’s BE-A-UTIFUL , 75degrees. My kind of weather.

First of all we have set two baptism dates this week, one on Tuesday with a new younger lady we found. Her name is Amanda Garrett, and she has been taught by the missionaries in the past that have been here. We got her from my past Zone Leader, well he called and gave her name and info. Anyways her baptism date is set for the 27th of March. Ariana's is still set for this coming Sunday the 14th. We set another one Saturday with a guy named Moses White (and yes he is black :) ) for the 10th of April, it is that far out because he smokes cigars, so we are helping with that.

We are very busy here, which is good, and the good weather is finally back so I'm excited about that. We can walk outside without wearing coats or jackets, so that's a good thing.

I just got word last week that Sulphur Well is being shut down, and is becoming part of the Louisville mission. :( but at least they will hopefully get missionaries there.

It has been a fun and interesting week. I changed my first flat tire since I've been on my mission. The inner-tube is entirely flat, so I'm gonna have to get a new one sometime this week. And hopefully I will be able to find my wallet, which I haven't seen since Saturday evening. I'm kinda bummed out about that, but I know that it will turn up sometime, hopefully soon, because I have important things in there.

We have found 6 new investigators this past week all of which are pretty solid. The work here is moving up and not going to slow down anytime soon which I'm happy about.

We actually have dinners lined up for good portion of the week, so that's even better. We have one tonight, actually we are probably going to have two tonight, tomorrow night, Thursday, and I think Friday. This is the first time I have seen the calendar filled up, so that's good. And I also think that the members here finally are beginning to trust us, and like us a lot. They are noticing all the work that has taken place since I have gotten here. So I'm beginning to finally see the fruits of my labor..."

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