Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Busy Busy and Baptisms

Last week's update(Feb. 22, 2010) was VERY short - Elder Edgell was heading to a baptism so didn't have time to say much. He ended with something about he and his companion almost getting arrested and would tell the rest of the story later.
Here is his update from yesterday, March 1st, and a couple photos from baptism of Sidney Sandstrom (the little boy from entry Feb. 16th)

"Before I forget I will finish my almost getting arrested story...So we were knocking on doors a couple weeks ago, and of course this was the first door we knocked on. So the guy answered the door, and we introduced ourselves as missionaries and were about to ask him a question. By the way he did not look happy at all. Before we knew it he told us we were soliciting and then we told him we weren't, and then he said in a real loud voice almost yelling at us, YES YOU ARE! As he said it he reached toward his back pocket and pulled out a nice shinny star (he was a sheriff, not friendly) right in front of my face. I stood my ground, and was about to say again we are not soliciting, and what we have is free...right when I was about to say it he said..any more questions...I stood there for about a minute with his nice shinny star in front of my face and looked at my companion, and he said no...I was going to stay but I guess it’s a good thing we didn't, because we probably would have gotten arrested if we did stay on his doorstep. So that’s the story of me almost getting arrested, pretty exciting...Sorry I left my email at that last week, I thought I would leave yall hangin till this week

WE HAD A BAPTISM last Monday! It was amazing, they also got sealed in the temple this past Saturday, and I heard the sealing was amazing. ( This is Sidney Sandstrom and his family. The missionaries are all wearing a blue ribbon which is in memory of one of the Sandstroms children, Charlie, that passed away. He is the little boy in the picture the family is holding)

I also have some good news about Ariana, she has decided to get BAPTIZED on March 14. Transfer calls come this Saturday. Hopefully I won't be transferred so I can see her get baptized. If I do get transferred, hopefully it will be somewhere close by so I can still come down.

For some reason my whole district is predicting I’m going Zone Leader, so I guess we will find out this Saturday. I don't think I will get transferred though. I will hopefully stay at least one more transfer, but I will let yall know next Monday. That'd be a good birthday present huh?

We finally have a pretty normal week this week, no exchanges. Last week was very hectic, I went up to McMinnville with one of the Zone Leaders for an exchange from Monday-Wednesday, and then Elder Johnson went with the Blackman Elders Wed-Friday. So we didn't see each other for almost a week. We have had a lot of success this past week. A lot of really good potentials found.

And President has "declared war". He has asked us to restart the BofM and highlight all the times it refers to Christ and God/ or talks about it, I started last Tuesday and I think I’m towards the end of 2nd Nephi already. And we have a conference call today in a couple hours at 1 our time.

Our investigators are doing fine. Haven't seen Tammy since Thursday. She didn't come to church on Sunday, but we have an appointment with her on Wednesday evening.

Lance, a new guy we found is doing well, still hasn't read the BofM, but he really wants to and hopefully he will by the time we see him this week.

We are teaching a wide variety of religions...first we are teaching a l "Non-Denominational" girl (Ariana), but not long before she becomes a member in a couple weeks. A Jewish man, a gay girl (Haley), a Messianic Jew (Ben Gibson), that is an interesting religion. They believe in Christ, and that he is the Messiah, but they still go by Old Testament ways, so they still believe that the Law of Moses is still in affect because "God is the same, yesterday and forever:". So this week I’m going to start studying the Old Testament. I have tried multiple times, but I just can't seem to like it as much as the NT. So I am going outside my box and studying about that.

We have been going through the ward list and trying to visit everybody on it so we know who everyone is and updating it.

It’s fun, but not when you have 17 miles left for the month. We get 1,000 miles/month to share with other Elders, so it’s kinda difficult. But hopefully we will do better this month. And we get the car till Wednesday.

I got your box mom...thanks :), and yes I did get Ben and Diana's Christmas present...oh mom you’d be proud of me, guess what? I’m wearing my glasses almost every day now :)

Other than that, we are doing well, staying busy, and safe. Thanks for all your prayers, they are felt. most definitely. I love each of you and thanks for your support. :)

Love yall!!!!

-Elder Edgell  "

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