Monday, February 8, 2010

Latest Update

Hope everyone is staying warm and not having to dig out anymore snow....I heard yall got some snow this weekend from members yesterday at church. And I was shocked when I heard yall got that much. Hope you have fun for me. Nope we just got rain, rain, rain. It was actually quite nice yesterday and Saturday, surprisingly though.
We are expecting some snow I hear tonight and tomorrow, but we shall see.

WHAT!? Andrew got his permit? He’s gettin too old on me. Was that his first time? He beat me I’ll tell ya that much. Congrats Andrew! I am proud of you. Keep workin hard. Now all he has to worry about is finding a job :). How is soccer going? I take it he hasn’t had any school/practices because of all the amazing snow yall are gettin up in good ole VA.

Elder Perry actually got his Visa last week :). He was excited to finally be able to use his Portuguese that he learned. He left last Monday morning, so me, I have been companionless for the past week. Well not really, I have been on exchanges for the past week with some other Elders that are in my district. Speaking of which, sleeping on the floor, and on couches for the past week, is not fun.....I will be getting a new companion this evening. I have to go pick him up with a member tonight at the mission home. His name is Elder Jump, not sure where he is from, but I will give you details on all that next Monday :)

I heard the Saints won yesterday...only because I was in a college town last night and everybody and anybody were having a party and you heard screams when they won.

The people we are teaching are doing well. We had 3 of them at church yesterday. And a big surprise to me - President Hutchings and the assistants showed up too! I was shocked when I saw them walk in the church building. But it was a good fast and testimony meeting yesterday. All of our baptism dates are doing well too. 2 of the 3 set for this month and March where at church yesterday. It was really good to see them. It’s amazing to be able to see the change people are willing to make in their lives to join Christ’s church. It truly is a blessing to be able to witness that. Speaking of church, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach the Gospel Principles class. It went well, considering that I didn't have a companion to teach with, which was really WEIRD.

Our baptism dates names are Whitney House, Arianna Naylor, and Michael Perry..for when you pray, since you wanted to be more specific. I can definitely feel the prayers from everyone.

I can't believe I turn 21 next month! That’s so crazy! I’m getting old :/, but ya can’t stop time.

Ummm other than that I will definitely have to play catch up this week in my area. It will be good to finally be able to work in my area. I know that Heavenly Father will bless me this week for my hard work and dedication.

Apartment pictures....I will send you some in a bit :).  [Here they are]

Well can’t think of anything else. I am doin well, staying warm, and healthy. I love each of you and thank you for the support you give me :)


-Elder Edgell :) :) :) :) :) : ) : )

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