Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy November - Grateful for Service

Elder Edgell had another busy week. Once again filled with service. And again fencing. This time they worked on building an electric barbed wire fence. "Barbed wire is still not my friend" he says.

His knee is doing great. Almost back to 100%. Won't be coming home with a Granpappy Amos limp. :-)

No transfers for Elder Edgell and his companion, Elder Tanner this time. They will stay in Sulpher Well for another six weeks. He was surprised but decided that since his knee is doing well President Hutchings would keep him there. He also felt like they were kept there because the branch finally has two good solid missionaries from what the branch tells them. After hearing this Elder Edgell and Tanner feel like their time is being well spent.

Upcoming week will be pretty busy. Elder Arnold and another Elder of the Church's Quorum of Seventy will be touring the mission this month and will attend the Zone/District Leaders Committee meeting. They will also be at the Zone Conference next week.

The missions goal for baptisms this month is again 100. Elder Edgell believes "miracles will happen" and asks that we keep them in our prayers as they go forth and teach about the Savior.

Elder Edgell interviewed someone for baptism on Sunday evening. He says" It was amazing sitting there listening to his testimony and the spirit that he brought".

That's it for this week. Next update will be November 9th and maybe we will have some photos.

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