Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baptism and Farm Life

September 8, 2009

Elder Edgell had a good week. A baptism, Daniel Curry, on Sunday,September 6th. Tim had the privilege of laying his hands on Daniel's head to confirm him a member of the church and give the gift of the Holy Ghost.
In Elder Edgell's words "It was an amazing experience."

They will have another walking day because of more preventable accidents in the mission. They are going to be riding bikes.

On Labor Day, he and his companion had the opportunity to work on one of the member's farm. They moved hay all morning. Before they could move the hay, they had to herd cows out of the yard.

His knee is doing great. Now if he can just overcome some clumsiness - he was trying to jump on to a porch at the farm and misjudged his jumping skills and his shins took a wipe out. They are bruised and cut up.

He and his companion had a great dinner at an investigator's home Monday evening. Burgers, hot dogs, etc.
They are always grateful when folks feed them dinner.
He says he might get the chance to eat some squirrel while there. EWWWW! First  possum, now squirrel.
I've heard it's tasty, but no thankyou.

I know Tim would love to get letters -

Here's his address again:

Elder Tim Edgell
Tennessee Nashville Mission
105 West Park Drive Suite 190
Brentwood, TN  37027-5010

More updates coming...

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