Monday, August 10, 2009

Going Forth

Finally! Elder Edgell is heading back to Tennessee. He actually will be serving in Sulphur Well, Edmonton, Kentucky. It's in the northeast section of the mission. From what his mission president told me this morning, Sulphur Well is a great area to serve. One that is having great success. There is a small branch there and lots of opportunity for service in the area.
He will have the opportunity to serve with an Elder who was at the Missionary Training Center with him back in February. Elder Reeder (not sure of the spelling) is from Canada.
The plane departed around 3:20 today and after changing planes in Atlanta (an adventure in itself) he will arrive in Nashville around 5:40pm. Elder Edgell was SO anxious and excited to be returning to his mission.
Check back weekly for updates. We should have news from Sulphur Well, Kentucky next Monday.
By the way, mom did okay at the airport and yes there were a few tears. What can I say, I'm his momma and always will be! :-)

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The Mendenhall's said...

Awesome blog Elder Edgell. I am so happy that you are out serving the Lord again. I know He is very pleased about that. Keep up the good work and go find those lost sheep. Sister Mendenhall