Friday, May 22, 2009

We Saw the Doc and A Moment of Sweet Kindness

We saw the orthopedic doc/surgeon today.
There is no fracture and no sign of the meniscus tear (answers to prayers).
He has what is called Patellofemural Syndrome (google that one)
He will be doing 4 weeks of PT to strengthen the muscles, etc. in the area.
The cartilages and ligaments are all intact and everything is in place.
If after 4 weeks of PT he is worse or sees no improvement they may consider
doing a "scope" to see what's up. We are planning on PT working and Tim returning to his mission first part of July. :-) Doctor was pretty confident that PT, etc. would take care of it.
So.... onward we go.

A little side note: As we were driving home from Walter Reed Army Hospital we saw a commuter bus stopped at a usual bus stop - what was unusual was seeing the bus driver walking a elderly person with a cane across busy Georgia Ave. I wish I would of had my camera to capture that tender moment. There are many kind folks in this world and I'm thankful Tim and I were able to witness that kindness. That bus driver went the extra mile. I wonder how many others noticed it. Hope it lifted them as it did us.

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