Monday, March 2, 2009

First Week in Tennessee

In Elder Edgell's words:
" How yall doin? Hermitage TN is an amazing place, I love it so much. As you can tell I'm picking up the southern accent pretty quick. and I've only been here a week. My comp has a pretty good strong southern accent to him, and he's from Nephi Utah. He's really cool, we've had a really good week.
The first day that I was there, I taught my first lesson to a lady named Anita. It was the attonement...I bore my testimony and I could tell that she knew it was also true, we set a baptism date for the 14th of March, but when we were getting ready to eat at a part-members house she called us and dropped us :( ,she said that she found Jesus in her front room this afternoon, but we are gonna go see what's up tommorow.
My first time I went out contacting(seeing people on the street and teaching) my companion told me to go talk to the guy filling up his car, so as i was walking over to talk to him, he went in to the store....I was so nervous I didn't know what to do..I said Hi, I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints, and he was like Oh the mormons...How you doin? I said good, and stated what I was out doing, he was a protestant, and I gave him a Book of Mormon pamphlet, it was cool.

We also meet a lady while tracting(knocking on doors) her name is Cathy, and we knocked on the door and she answered it and we talked to her for a while. We asked her if she knew about the book of mormon, and she said a little bit, and then was like oh the mormons, ya'll practice poligamy and we were like no we don't. but in a nicer way. She said she has been praying and looking for the right church her whole life. So we are going to try and teach her tommorow night...
I met my first celebrities yesterday!!! THE OSMONDS! (Photo of me with them above)Jay and David Osmond came to do a fireside last night, to help get investigators to and share the gospel with them, you may remember that David tried out for American Idol. They're so cool.
It's so awesome being a missionary, I love the south so much...
Ya'll are lucky that you got snow, we just got a little dusting, and it is freezing today, the windchill will make it in the single digits.
Our branch is small, but I like it.
Everyone is surprised and shocked that I am from the east coast, its so funny because they get all excited about it.
We had an amazing contacting story from yesterday(Sunday) We were walking in a parking lot, and saw this homless lady(alot out here) and we stopped and talked to her and we gave her a Finding Faith in Christ hand out, and told her what it was, and we went on our way. We found some more homeless people and talked to them for about 30 minutes, and the lady that we saw was still sitting at the bus stop. My companion and I got this feeling that we should go back and give her a Book of Mormon. We walked over there and handed it to her, and when Elder Ragle told her that this book is a evidence that Heavenly Father loves us, she started to ball...tears came from her face, it almost made me cry. We shook her hand and went on our way. Whatever trial she was going through I know that we planted that seed for her, and hopefully she will remember that.
I love being out here and teaching the gospel, it's so much fun!
They said that we are supposed to have the worst year for tornadoes this spring...not gonna lie, pretty excited to see if I can see one, but if it does damage that means service for us :). No one usually has anything for us to do....I guess they don't want us to work in our good church clothes or something.
There's a TON of VOL fans out here of course, our branch mission leader is a huge TN fan and he hates the Gators, so I rubbed it in a little bit. He's also a sports journalist for a local paper out here...everyone is gonna try and make me a VOL fan, but I'm not gonna budge..hope not anyways. So he's my source for football news. I've seen a couple Gator fans out here but not alot. It's always good to see a Gator tag in front of the car every now and then, or a flag from the car.

Hope you have a good week....I can't believe I turn 20 on SUNDAY! How awesome! The missionary work here is good, and I came at the perfect time to do it. LOVE YALL!"

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